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    This is my least favorite comic I've ever read. It is utterly disgusting. I couldn't even finish it, and I literally suffer from post-traumatic stress due to this book.


    See, the problem here is that I had read the Courtyard, and I thought it was a lot of fun. And then I picked up the first issue of Neonomicon at SDCC, and while it was a little iffy, it was still okay.

    And then there was this.

    I don't want to hear your arguments about how 'fitting' or whatever this issue was. Trust me, people have tried to convince me that this was a 'good comic'.

    Don't make me laugh.

    I found this comic book literally sickening.

    It contained extraordinarily graphic rape, explicit sexual acts, bestiality, etc. There was also a fair amount of gore, though that I had been expecting. Gore doesn't really bother me. This book did.

    I actually destroyed this comic book, and I'm quite firmly against doing that sort of thing generally.

    This thing here is a prime example of why I don't like Alan Moore.

    If you still want to read that, that's really up to you. But I wish I had been warned before I bought this comic (I was young enough when I got it that the person who ran the comic store really should have), and then I could have avoided this whole disgusting mess.

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