Alan Moore's Glory #0

    Alan Moore's Glory » Alan Moore's Glory #0 - The Gate of Tears released by Avatar Press on December 2001.

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    Alan Moore's long awaited Glory has finally come to Avatar and this amazing #0 issue is one you will not want to miss! This full size, full color book features the highly coveted 10 page introduction to the story by Alan Moore and Brandon Peterson along with an all-star art gallery chronicling the key events that have shaped Glory's life. This stellar line up of talent is not to be believed, featuring Joseph Michael Linsner, Matt Haley, Ron Adrian, Marat Mychaels, Karl Waller and more! This vital prelude to the new Alan Moore Glory series is also the perfect introduction to the world of Glory for new readers.

    Issue Zero is the introduction issue to Alan Moore's Glory. There are 8 pages of story content, two of the pages were once 2-page spreads, condensed to single pages in the Avatar printing from the Awesome printing it was 10 pages with two 2 page spreads.

    The Awesome printing of Glory 0 does not have "The Illustrated Glory", but does have character designs from Brandon Peterson and a preview for Supreme The Return. In the Avatar printing, the comic expands to a full 20 page content count, compared to the true 8 page value of the original Awesome printing.

    VariantCover ArtistLtd.Release Date
    Park (Regular)Andy Park
    MychaelsMarat Mychaels
    MartinMatt Martin
    HaleyMatt Haley
    PlatinumAndy Park
    HallCarrie Hall1500
    Sensual Beauty ?Marat Mychaels2000
    WallerKarl Waller1500March 2002
    DefenderKarl Waller1250April 2002

    Ruby Red

    (released as set w/#1)

    Andy Park400September 2002
    Prism FoilAndy Park


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    Ouroboros Glory 0

    Like how Supreme written by Alan Moore was a Homage to Superman, Glory became Alan Moore's homage to Wonder Woman.  Page 1. Glory is seen by many Alan Moore fans as the sister series to Promethea.  Both are Homages to Wonder Woman and both contain Alan Moore's exploration in Magic.  The premise to Glory is that there is a Schizophrenic waitress named Gloria West.  Gloria is also possessed by the mind of a Goddess named Gloriana, daughter of Demeter.  Unlike Promethea, Glor...

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