Character » Alakazam appears in 29 issues.

    Alakazam is a Psychic Pokemon and the Final form of Abra.

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    Alakazam is the Final Form of Abra, it had been said that Alakazam has mastered every type of Psychic Power. They have an IQ over 5,000 making them smarter than a super computer. In the Anime Ash first meet's Alakazam in the episodes titled "The ancient Puzzle of Pokemoplis"

    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 105.8 lbs.

    Number: 65

    Abilities: Synchronize, Inner Focus

    Evolution: Abra -> Kadabra -> Alakazam


    1. Rudy used a Alakazam against Misty.
    2. Gary Oak battled an Alakazam with his newly evolved Umbreon.
    3. Gary also has an Umbreon
    4. The leader of one of the Orange Island Gyms Luana, uses a Alakazam
    5. Eusine uses an Alakazam.

    Pokemon games appearances

    • Red- must be traded
    • Blue Must be traded
    • Yellow must be traded
    • Gold Must be traded
    • Silver " "
    • Ruby" "
    • Sapphire " "
    • Diamond " '
    • Pearl " "
    • GOD must be snagged
    • Platinum " "


    Hp: 55

    Attack: 50

    Defense 45

    Sp.attack 135

    Sp.Defense 85

    Speed 120

    Alakazam is weak to



    and Ghost type moves.


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