Aladi Ko Eke

    Character » Aladi Ko Eke appears in 32 issues.

    The Badoon Inhuman Queen.

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    The Inhumans of Earth are not the only Inhumans in the universe. The Kree experimented on five different races. These were: humans, Alpha Centaurians, Badoon, Kymellians, and the Dire Wraiths
    Although their collective rules jointly, each house retains a separate structure unique unto itself. The Ruling Moord Council is presided over by the Badoon Queen, Aladi Ko Eke. 

     For years it was thought that the humans of Earth were the only species that the Kree, had performed their experiments on, while seeking to create an army of living weapons. During an investigation of Earth's moon, Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, stumbled upon a being calling himself the Wayfinder, who shared with them the secrets of the Inhumans, while he introduced them to the queens of four of the tribes.


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