Al Grubb

    Character » Al Grubb appears in 10 issues.

    Friends with Sam Lesser. The two set out to kill Rendell Locke. Al was killed by Rendell's wife after they murdered Rendell.

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    Al Grubb attended the same school as Sam Lesser and the pair became friends. Rendell Locke was their school counselor.


    Al Grubb is the creation of writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome To Lovecraft

    Al Grubb and his friend Sam Lesser discover where Rendell Locke lives and they confront him and his family. Grubb rapes Nina Locke while Sam Lesser is in the other room with Rendell. Al Grubb hears a shot fired and finds out that Lesser shot and killed Rendell. The Locke children, who Grubb and Lesser thought were at their neighbors, witnessed the murder. Lesser went after the kids while Grubb stayed and watched Nina Locke. Tyler Locke fights Lesser, knocks him unconscious, and emerges from the basement, Grubb prepares to kill him but Nina drives an ax through his head.


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