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· Two Fearless Fosdick adventures, including one with Fosdick hooked on drugs and in drag (as Phyllis Fosdick).
· Capp skewers Picasso ("Pablo Le Phonee") and abstract art in general in one of his most vitriolic satires on this perennial bugaboo.
· Paramount Pictures successfully released its Li'l Abner movie in 1959, starring Peter Palmer and Leslie Parrish. Li'l Abner visits the Hollywood set, so we get to see the "real" Abner interact with cartoon versions of the film counterparts of Abner and Daisy.
· Eternal jinx Joe Btfsplk returns.
· World War 1 ace Cap'n Eddie Ricketyback, who pilots Trans-Dogpatch Airlines battles old nemesis Baron Ludwig Von Henhausen.
· Lovably corrupt Senator Jack S. Phogbound.
· Criminal Abner doppelganger Gat Garson wins over love-starved Daisy Mae.
· Dogpatchland appears as a parody of Disneyland, but is a prescient forecast of Capp's actual amusement park, Dogpatch U.S.A., which opened in Arkansas in 1967.
· Big Barnsmell, Salomey, Japanese cars and much more!    







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