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    The evil shape shifter who is Samurai Jack's archnemesis. In a heated battle with Jack, just before Aku could be killed, he flung Jack into the future where he was supreme overlord.

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    Aku is an evil wizard that is created to only destroy and bring chaos! He was forged from an exploding planet filled with a whole bunch of lives, he later arrived on Earth. He constantly battles his arch nemesis, Samurai Jack. Samurai Jack and Aku first appeared in " Samurai Jack Special #1". Anything made by man (or alien) can't kill Aku. Only the sword forged for this sole purpose by the gods can hurt Aku. This sword was given to Jack's father, thanks to his pureness of heart, to kill Aku. Even though Samurai Jack was canceled without Jack defeating Aku, the comic stories still go on to this day. For people that want to continue seeing Samurai Jack, they can read current stories on " Cartoonnetwork Action pack." Aku has assumed vast riches in his time on the planet earth, having a whole bunch of cash to pay people if they kill Samurai Jack!


    Birth of Evil

    Aku is the master of the Earth in Jack's future. He was born from the destruction of a planet, and was eventually killed by the guardians of the galaxy. However, one small piece of Aku survived. Years later, Aku's one small piece falls to Earth and starts chaos. Aku has been around since the "Ice Age" of the Earth, constantly killing everything that comes near the 'black goop'.



    Once Aku was freed by Samurai Jack's father, Aku thanked him and imprisoned him so he could watch his home be destroyed. Jack's father only wanted to kill Aku, however he didn't know that the jade arrow he fired at Aku was going to give him life. Jack's father had a sword that was forged from pureness of heart, and he eventually defeated the monster Aku. After Aku, (some how) escaped Jack's father tried to defeat Aku once again, however Jack's father was captured, and he told his wife to take his young son to be trained by the best warriors in the world. Years later, when his father and mother were old, Samurai Jack entered combat with the beast. When Aku was on his last breath, he tore open a portal in time that made Jack go over 800 years into the future. Aku hired a group of scientists to make a robot army. As time passed, the X-models were made. A X-model had an emotional chip installed in it. The model was known as X9. After the deaths of the X-models, the scientists helped Aku make beetle drones and mantoids.

    Final fate

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    Time after time, Aku has tried everything to kill his worst enemy, Samurai Jack. He's used bounty hunters, animal men, demons, shape shifters, and other things, however Jack's skills have always proved that he is better than any threat. Jack has also tried to kill Aku on numerous times, but Aku always says "bye bye samurai." Fifty years have passed since Aku destroyed the last time portal and he gave his High Priestess his essence to she can give birth to seven daughters for him. Aku was bored that Jack hasn't even aged in fifty years. He was beyond happy when Scaramouche told him about Jack losing his sword. Upon seeing Jack and Ashi with his sword, Aku killed Scaramouche and trapped Jack. Ashi used a time portal she created to help Jack finally kill Aku.

    Physical Appearance

    Aku is supposed to look like a demon. Drawn with great big eyes, flaming eye-brows, and a flaming beard Aku is the most adorable and laughable character in the Tv Show/Comic. Constantly turning into funny and strange things, Mako and Greg Baldwin played out the entire part of Aku.

    Television Show

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    Samurai Jack and Aku are the main characters in the show, "Samurai Jack." Aku is played by Mako and Greg Baldwin and Samurai Jack is voiced by Phil Lamarr. Which he has been John Stewart, Static, Kit Festo and numerous other comic book characters. While Aku hasn't been in "every" episode (due to Mako and Greg Baldwin's schedules), he is still a key player. Aku has played in 31 episodes, that's 31 out of 62 episodes!


    1. Birth of Evil, Part 1: Aku's origin is revealed on how he came into existence, and how he became the enemy of Jack's father.
    2. Birth of Evil, Part 2: The story of Aku continues, as how young Jack is talked about and how Jack's father beat Aku.
    3. The Beginning: Aku enslaves the people in Jack's land. Jack then has to train to become a Samurai. When he comes back, he tries to defeat Aku, however Aku sends him into the future.
    4. The Samurai Called Jack: After being dropped in the future by Aku, the young Samurai is called Jack, and begins his quest looking for Aku. In this episode he befriends talking dogs.
    5. The First Fight: Jack tries to beat Aku's army and save a bunch of archaeologist evolved dogs.
    6. Jack and the Warrior Woman: While escaping from henchman from Aku, Jack is accompanied by a Warrior Woman, but is she a friend or foe? The woman is Ikra who is a form of Aku.
    7. Jack and the three blind archers: Jack must get past three mysterious blind archers, to get to a "so called" wishing well.
    8. Jack versus Mad Jack: While fighting against a ton of bad guys, Jack looses his cool and eventually creates a Mad Jack that is the son of Aku, and is fueled by Jack's anger.
    9. Jack under the sea: Jack has a underwater quest while looking for a ancient time portal.
    10. Jack and the Gangsters: When fighting against more robot bounty hunters, Jack is seen by Gangsters who hire Jack to become one of them.
    11. Aku's Fairy Tales: Aku tells children three fairy tales about him and Samurai Jack.
    12. Jack and the Ultrabots: Jack finds multiple destroyed cities, all done by 8 Ultra-bots. Now he must destroy them using technology, but also the powers of his magic sword!
    13. Jack and the Hunters: Aku hires highly trained and deadly hunters to find and kill Samurai Jack.
    14. Jack and the Zombies: While passing through, Jack finds himself in a graveyard where he fights the undead!
    15. Jack in Egypt: Aku releases the minions of Seth. Only memories can save Jack from this ancient evil.
    16. Jack and the Swamp Monster: When Jack is passing by a swamp, he is guided by a Swamp hermit who leads him to three gems of the titans.
    17. Samurai Versus Ninja: Jack battles a Ninja sent by Aku.
    18. The Aku Infection: While battling a battalion of Aku-bots, Aku (is really sick) and accidentally sneezes a piece of him into Jack. Jack is now slowly turning evil.
    19. The Winged Children: Jack saves alien fairy children from Aku's clutches.
    20. Jack Versus Aku: Aku makes an offer to not use his powers, and Jack to not use his sword. Although Jack keeps his word, Aku won't and it turns out into a battle for Jack's life.
    21. Seasons of Death: Jack battles four different seasons, which are four seasons of the year.
    22. Jack learns to jump good: While defending a helpless tribe, they give Jack knowledge on how to Jump very good.
    23. Tale of X9:

    Other Appearances

    Cartoon Network Action Pack

    Samurai Jack Special

    Powers & Abilities

    • Shapeshifting: Called the "Shape Shifting Master of Darkness" at the opening of each episode, Aku can change into virtually any form he desires, from a giant dragon to a small insect, or even a beautiful woman. He can also change his size, liquefy himself, stretch, and expand his body. Aku's consciousness can exist even in a part of himself. He typically changes into animal forms that are threatening to fit certain situations, such as a scorpion or an octopus. He is however limited to his own colour scheme, no matter what form he takes it will always be black, red and green.

    Forms he has taken :

    • Bird (uses mostly to escape ) used lots of time
    • Scorpion :used in I and XXX also shown in opening titles
    • Gorrila:used in I
    • Billy Goat:used in I
    • Octopus:used in VIII and briefly seen in XXXVIII
    • Manta Ray:used in VIII
    • Spiked Tubeworm Forest:used in VIII
    • Spider:used in XXXVIII
    • Dark Tentacled being:used in I but also shown in begining opening titles
    • Dragon:used in XIII
    • Chinese Dragon:used in XXX
    • Preying Mantis:used in XXX
    • Mouse:used in XXX
    • Frog:used in XXXIV
    • Fish:used in XXXIV
    • Flying Dragon:used in XXXVIII
    • Dark Mass of shadow tentacles:used in XXX
    • Bat: used in XLVIII
    • Superhuman Strength: When Aku challenged Jack to a so called final match he was shown to have superhuman strength even in a somewhat human form.
    • Limited Invulnerability: Aku has shown the ability easily withstand weapons of any sort, such as simply absorbing arrows shot at him or not even being fazed after being hit by torpedoes as well as being capable of breathing underwater and existing in the depths of space, however he was shown to be vulnerable against mystic weapons and the weapons and artifacts of Deities and especially Jack's blade which was forged through the very essence of purity within his father by the Deities Odin, Ra and Vishnu.
    • Fire Generation: Along with being capable of breathing fire Aku has also been shown creating it such as in one comical situation he had to re-ignite his eyebrows.
    • Time Travel: This was the very ability that Aku had used to send Jack into the future at the beginning of the series, though so far it has only been used once and was a one way portal forward in time. He passed this ability to his daughter Ashi.
    • Laser Eye Beams: Aku used this ability in numerous battles with Jack and he also used it to destroy the majority of Jack's Kingdom.
    • Teleportation: Aku uses this quite often to appear before those he has business with, such as theImakandi.
    • Summoning Storms: Aku is capable of conjuring storms through will.
    • Magic Materialization: The ability to create objects out of thin air. He once used this ability to conjure gold, jewels, and treasure for the Imakandi.
    • Psychokinesis: Aku has shown the ability to move objects with his mind alone.
    • Sonic Scream: Aku was shown capable of producing a powerful scream that causes massive damage to the landscape.
    • Necromancy: Aku has been shown in one episode to be capable of animating countless dead bodies, and bending them to his will as they have neither mind nor soul.

    A significant aspect in the series is that Aku is ageless and immortal. Aku's body is immune to nearly all forms of physical injury. If wounded, the wounds inflicted upon him will regenerate in moments. He can only be harmed and finally defeated by Samurai Jack's sword. It is notable that Aku is also vulnerable to various magical and divine attacks (such as the powers and artifacts of gods).

    Aku needs no food, drink, or air and is capable of interstellar travel. He also has the ability to spy on Jack through a large sphere he can summon at will in his tower.

    As Aku is a great and powerful wizard, he possesses a wide knowledge of magic that varies from episode to episode as the series demands.


    Despite his nearly omnipotent abilities, Aku has a few weaknesses. These include:

    • His shapeshifting is limited to his red, green, and black color scheme, also, his reflection will show his normal form, no matter what guise he takes.
    • He can be harmed by magical objects and attacks.
    • In one episode (XLIII), he appears to have somehow caught the flu.
    • Although Aku can transform into any form, his reflection will show his normal form, most noticeable when Aku turns into a hermit, and asks Jack to look for the god's artifacts. When Jack and Aku are in the swamp, Aku shows his normal form even when he is transformed into his hermit form. He will always have the same reflection, so he splashes the water, and uses the ripples to hide his reflection.

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