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    Volume » Published by Ediciones B. Started in 1992.

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    Reprinting the seminal manga series by Katsuhiro Otomo from 1992 to 1993, this volume was a collaboration between publishers, Glénat (France) and their sister company, Ediciones B-Glénat (Spain). It is translated from the original Japanese into Spanish.

    Originally printed in 1982 in the serialised Young Magazine, Akira is set in a post apocalyptic version of Tokyo, now known as Neo-Tokyo. Having previously been decimated by a supposed nuclear explosion, resulting in the launch of World War III, Akira follows a massive cast of characters as they struggle to survive in this new world. Akira himself is an immensely powerful creature, experimented on by his own government, whilst still, seemingly only a small boy. A blank state, his psychic powers having consumed his personality, Akira is a cypher through which the story revolves; a tale of political intrigue, governmental duplicity, psychic mayhem and powers that defy the imagination. His path and those of others like him eventually cross those of Kaneda and Tetsuo; childhood friends who now run wild with their own street gang, evading the law and looking for some sense of purpose in the new world. When the chance meeting begins to awaken previously unknown powers in Tetsuo, the series spans an epic arc which results in some of the most epic and complex story telling ever created in comics (or, possibly, any other medium).

    The resultant art and storyline have gone on to create one of the most influential comic series of all time, not just in Japan, but also in the west.

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