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Powers and Abilities

Akira Hongo is the premier karate master inside Yami and is considered alongside Shio Sakaki and Suzuki Hajime to be the greatest karate master in the world. Even when he was younger Sakaki mentioned that Akira knew all of his moves and had virtually master karate when he met him. The two have a rivalry with Akira having 126 wins versus Sakaki's 125 wins and 1 draw meaning Akira is at least on par with or slightly better than Sakaki though by the end Shio Sakaki had chosen Katsujinken while Akira had chosen Satsujinken meaning Sakaki had to hold back from killing him. Akira did kill Suzuki in their duel. Akira is noted to be one of the strongest of the One Shadow Nine Fists and the best at raising disciples since his , Sho Kano, was chosen as the leader of Yomi and given training from every master. Diego Carlo acknowledges Akira as a better fighter. Akira is a Sei-type fighter meaning he stays calm and tries to out think and out skill an opponent, but Akira will let his anger fuel his attacks in certain situations like while fighting Silcardo Jenazad who was insulting his dead disciple. Akira has great strength being able to create craters with his kicks, lift heavy training equipment with no effort and pierce through human bodies with ease. His speed is also impressive being able to create afterimages. Akira is a very tenacious fighter and a master tactician. A good display of this is his battle with Jenazad who Akira acknowledges as a better fighter, but Akira was able to deal a mortal wound by taking one himself though using a breathing technique to come out alive long enough to get medical attention. As a testament to his skill Shio Sakaki, Shigure, and even Hayato Furinji acknowledge him as a very dangerous individual.


  • Chouryou Kankuu Juurin - A juggling move where Akira will strike an opponent upwards and then kick them downwards into the ground.
  • Dakki Kuzushi Gawashi - A move where Akira will change stances in order to evade incoming attacks.
  • Dankuu Shuutougiri - A powerful move where Akira builds up force and delvers a sideswiping knifehand in order to slice his opponent. This is the technique that gave Shio Sakaki his trademark scar across his nose.
  • Front Kick - Akira kicks the ground in front of him sending out a shockwave that creates a crater. Can be used as a long range attack.
  • God Hand Inyou Kyokuha Nukite - One of Akira's strongest move and a stronger version of the "Jinenken Nejiri Nukite" where Akira still launches both knife hands, but one is a feint while the other receives all the power so the opponent cannot tell which hand will be the feint.
  • God Hand Leg Wave Twist Thrust - Akira's strongest move and the one used to kill Silcardo Jenazad. Virtually identical to the God Hand Inyou though adding a knee dive to the elbow greatly increasing the power of the blow. Even with a broken arm this move still hand enough power to pierce Jenazad.
  • Jinenken Nejiri Nukite - A technique where Akira shoots both hands forward into his opponents chest in an attempt to pierce through his opponent.
  • Kuamde Renpa - Akira will strike multiple times to the stomach and lower chest.
  • Kyouha Kumikuzushi - Akira grabs his opponent and emits a shockwave that will either cause massive internal damage or death.
  • Maeba no Kamae - A traditional karate defensive maneuver where the Akira crosses his arms in defense to block incoming attacks.
  • Metsujou Raigou Nukite - Akria strikes upwards towards the opponent multiple times.
  • Morotetsu Tsuiuchi - One of Akira's more forceful techniques where he gets in close and his the opponent with the outsides of his fists to blast the opponent backwards.
  • Naizouage - A breathing technique in karate that can raise the users internal organs into the rib cage to protect them from enemy hits.
  • Seikentsuki - Akria punches straight ahead and constricts the muscles in such a way as to add more power to the blow.
  • Sensen Body - A defensive technique where you constrict all the muscles in the body to turn them steel like so you can absorb attacks directly.
  • Shichi Bebgen Style Chouryou Kankuu Shuurin - A technique where Akira performs a fast paced attack on multiple opponents hitting multiple vital points on each.
  • Shinchi Nengen Ryu Chouryou Kankuu Shuurini - A powerful technique where Akira strikes a single opponent multiple times with a series of kicks and punches over multiple vital points.
  • Soumawashiuke - A defensive technique where Akira pivots his body and while turning uses the rotional force to divert his opponents attack leaving them open to a counter move.
  • Uzumawashi Zanrin Geri - Akira balances on one leg and starts delivering swift kicks to his opponents head.

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