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    Italian character, belongs to the category defined (in Italy) "Tarzanidi" because very similar to Tarzan.

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    When his British diplomat father and aristocratic mother are killed by wild beast after a shipwreck young Jim Rank is raised by gorilla so that he grows to be Akim, Son of the Jungle.

    After growing up he becomes the protector of the forest battling not only poachers, but also world conquerors, mad scientists and super-powered villains. with the aid of Kar the gorilla, Zig the monkey, Baroi the elephant and Rag the lion. Eventually he marries Rita, and has a son, also named Jim.


    This is another copy of Tarzan. Created by writer Roberto Renzi and artist Augusto Pedrazza for the comic book Albo Gioiello in 1950, Akim became so popular that he was soon being translated into German and French.

    In fact in 1958 when legal disputes came up about who owned the rights to Akim two new characters were created that were copies of Akim with only a few slight differences, Tibor in Germany and Zembla for the French market.

    Akim however outlasts both of them being published from 1950 to 1991 with over 700 issues featuring him.


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