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    Human member of the mongoose clan on Kipling Isle.

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    Akili is a character in the Grimm Fairy Tales version of the Jungle Book. Unlike the main character (Mowgli) she is not based on a Kipling character. The story of the humans in this version of the Jungle Book is relatively vague. They arrived in a magical land (which is possible located in Myst) on a pirate ship which had kidnapped a group of youngsters. After the ship crashes only the four children survive. This interrupts a great battle between the animal residents of the jungle. The animals agree to an uneasy truce and as they discuss the matter, the primates grab one of the small children and run away. The other groups decide to take children as well, led by the tigers. The elephants scoff at the size of the humans and say they do not want one, but the mongooses are impressed already by their size and choose to take one. This leaves the wolves and tigers to decide on a final child. The boy is taken by the tigers as they determine that he is stronger and thus more valuable. The small girl is left to the wolves, who treasure here nonetheless. The child taken by the mongooses becomes Akili.


    The first appearance of Akili is in Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book #1.

    Although the majority of Grimm Fairy tales characters are shown to be related in one way or another to the Grimm Fairy Tales multiverse, it is as of yet unclear the role that Mowgli plays within this continuity, if any.

    Character Evolution

    True to the Grimm Fairy Tales style of storytelling, much is left vague as the character’s true background. It is as of yet not even clear if the character is one based on the imaginations of a modern day character (as there are certain inconsistencies, such as Wildebeests that also inhabit the jungle), or the bizarre outcome of another character’s actions. Nonetheless the character of Akili is shown much as is the main character Mowgli - agressive but also compassionate.

    As with the other major Grimm Fairy Tales character based on literature the tone and setting of this series is very different from the original source material. Whereas the work by Kipling focuses on tales of morality or the epic battle among the planes, this series focuses more on adventure and the trials of youth.

    Major Story Arcs

    Akili is first shown as a supporting character in Mowgli campaign of revenge against the tiger clan after they ambush the wolf clan. In order to enact revenge she journeys through the jungle and is aided by Akili on a couple of occasions. At the end of her journey and after killing Shere Khan, Akili offers her friendship.

    Powers and Abilities

    Akili is a regular human with no known superpowers. As a resident of the jungle since she was young, she has developed an innate ability for survival. This extends to her ability in hand to hand combat, which is generally shown to be of a high caliber. Also her acrobatic and gymnastic ability are of a high caliber as she can navigate the forest floor adeptly. She is also seemingly adept with basic weapons such as knives, bows and spears. In addition as with the other children that joined her in the forest she has the ability to speak to the jungle animals.

    Other Versions

    The character is based in the world of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Though the character does not exist in the Kipling material, the same general tone is evident at most times.


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