Character » Akiko appears in 21 issues.

    Student at Morning Glories Academy. She was one of the first characters introduced in the series though her staying power was extremely brief.

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    Before the Academy

    Not much is known about Akiko before she arrived at the crazed school.

    In the Academy

    Akiko is introduced when she passes a note to a fellow student. Ms. Daramount catches her and, as a way of embarrassing her, urges her to explain her project in the upcoming science fair. Akiko shyly begins to explain the details of her endeavor referencing "Nitrogen Triodide" and "outside stimuli to it in a solid state". Ms. Daramount remarks that she remembers doing similar experiments with her other classes and states how dangerous it could be. Akiko assures her that she conducted her own experiments under the supervision of a teacher.

    When Ms. Daramount turns to write on the chalkboard, Akiko continues to divulge that, when dry, Nitrogen Triodide can indeed be "volatile" and "highly explosive" with the slightest pressure setting it off. She also explains the hazard of it drying on a black surface as it would be practically invisible just as Ms. Daramount places her chalk on the board. Abruptly, the chalkboard explodes sending Ms. Daraomount flying backwards and scattering the students around the classroom in panic. Akiko is seen sitting on the open window sill while Ms. Daramount points the security towards her.

    They retrieve her, but Ms. Daramount states that she is only a distraction while Akiko stares at her defiantly.


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