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Born into abject poverty, Akame, along with her younger sister Kurome were sold to a guild of assassins by their parents. There, they were trained as killers and Akame earned a reputation as the greatest killer in her country. However, when she was sent to assassinate Najenda, the leader of the revolutionary assassin group Night Raid, Akame was persuaded to defect and join the group. She attempted to convince Kurome to join her, but her younger sister chose to remain part of the Empire, and the sisters became mortal enemies after it.


Akame was created for the manga Akame Ga Kill. She is the title character and appeared in the first chapter and each volume since. She is also the main heroine of the prequel series, Akame Ga Kill! Zero.

Character Evolution


Akame is a somewhat short young woman with long black hair and distinctive red eyes. She has often been described as especially cute or pretty by enemies and allies. She wears a black uniform with long red gloves and a tie. She sometimes compliments this with a darkly-coloured long coat.


Akame gives the impression of the consummate killer, aloof, professional and ruthless. However, her seeming aloofness partly stems from her somewhat oddball, socially awkward personality. Akame seems oblivious to many social norms, or sometimes misses obvious implied bits of information and can often have a deadpan reaction to things. She highly values her friends and colleagues, and despite their differences still genuinely loves her little sister Kurome, but is still willing to kill her if necessary. Akame is also a shameless glutton who often obsesses over food and eats great amounts of it.

Despite her generous heart, she is a genuinely ruthless killer, who seems to dispatch most targets dispassionately, and is critical of those who hesitate to make a kill. Some of targets mentioned that Akame's eyes seem lifeless during a kill.

She seems to feel no remorse to the life takes by her sword.

Powers & Abilities

Akame is a trained and accomplished assassin who specializes in close-range combat. She is preternaturally fast and athletic, able to dodge quick melee attacks and even gunfire with great ease. She almost always uses her sword Murasame in the fighting and is highly proficient in using it. In addition to having solid fundamental skills in the fighting, Akame can also be fairly adept at thinking on her feet, and finding a way to combat situations and opponents where a straightforward contest of skill won't apply. She's been trained as an assassin since a young age, so possess knowledge of how to execute her missions with perfection and the best way to eliminate targets.

Imperial Arm ~ "One-Cut Kill" Murasame

The sword that Akame carries is an Imperial Arm - one of 48 superpowered artifacts created by the Empire 1000 years ago using its greatest resources, and which have never been equaled. The Murasame is a Japanese-style sword usually contained in a red-sheath and bearing an inscription on its handle. Any cut inflicted by the sword, no matter how minor, will kill any living target with a few exceptions involving things such as: If the target has no heart or circulatory system, as well must be noted that the Murasame only works in living beings and must pierce its skin/body to have an effect. The wielder is not immune to this effect, so they must take care while sharpening it. Additionally, the weapon is a well-made sword which can easily cut a target into pieces.

Before coming into Akame's hands, it was the weapon of her master and surrogate father Gozuki.

Shingu ~ Kiriichimonji

Before acquiring Murasame, Akame used Kiriichimonji, a sword that inflicted injuries which couldn't be healed. This blade was a "Shingu" the result of a later emperor's attempt to create weapons equal to the Imperial Arms. While what he produced were noticeably inferior, they were still very useful in their right.

Kiriichimonji is similar to Murasame a Japanese-rescue sword, however unlike Akame's current weapon it has no handguard.


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