Character » Ak-Var appears in 32 issues.

    Ak is the father of Thara Ak-Var and a member of the Military Guild on Krypton.

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    Ak-Var was a petty thief, who was banished to The Phantom Zone for 20 suncycles for stealing Krypton's priceless Sun-Stone on a dare. He was released by Superman and immediately reformed, later becoming Van-Zee's lab assistant and husband of his niece, Thara. He assumes the role of Flamebird, inheriting it from Jimmy Olsen, and partners with his mentor, Van-Zee (Kandor's second Nightwing).

    Post- Crisis

    Ak-Var is a member of the Military Guild on Krypton. As a member of the Black Zero unit, pride of the Kryptonian army, he was present in Kandor when Brainiac attempts to steal the city. His unit includes his wife, First Aspirant Tes Var, and their commander, Ursa.

    During the the battle for Kandor, Ak loses his life and fears for his daughter, Thara Ak-Var, who resides in the city doomed to be shrunk and placed in a bottle.


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