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    The man known only as Francis was the former enforcer at Dr. Killbrew’s laboratory at the Weapon X compound.

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    Francis started out at Dr. Killbrew’s laboratory; which would take Weapon X rejects and perform tests on them. One of the test subjects was Wade Wilson who was one of the few inmates that stood up to Francis. Of course this, in turn, caused all of the other inmates to gain some hope. Francis made Deadpool pay for this and tortured Wade’s friend named Worm Wade ended up killing worm to ease his pain. Francis received permission to kill Wade; and so he did. However, when they left, Wade’s healing factor started and he was revived. Francis then tried to kill Wade again, but ended getting shot and was apparently killed. Later, it was found out that Francis survived and became the super powerful and mentally challenged Ajax.


    Ajax is a Marvel character created by Joe Kelly and Walter McDaniel whom first appeared in Deadpool Vol.1 issue 14 (1998)

    Major Story Arcs

    Special Agent

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    A longtime government operative, Francis underwent cybernetic enhancement by Dr. Emrys Killebrew in Canada's Weapon X Program, where he was psychologically twisted to obey orders. Too sadistic to be trusted in the field, he was reassigned to the Hospice to treat ailing Weapon X subjects, but actually used to help Killebrew's inhumane experiments. As the Attending, Francis gleefully assisted the doctor. Killebrew took special interest in Wade Wilson, who Francis helped torture in Killebrew's Workshop. Seeking death to escape suffering, Wilson repeatedly defied Francis, who subjected him to additional torture but failed to break his spirit. Wilson's example gave the other patients hope, reducing their fear. Francis, wanting to kill Wilson for insolence, complained to Killebew, who deemed Wilson too valuable a subject to lose. Advised to make the patient fear him again, Francis chose a method to obtain both goals. Binding Wilson's friend, fellow patient Charles "Worm" Cunningham, within a torture device, Francis offered to release him if Wilson showed respect. Urged on by Worm, who correctly suspected Francis would torture him anyway, Wilson refused, and Francis lobotomized Worm. As Francis had known he would, Wilson killed Worm, who lingered on the earthly plane as a ghost, to end his suffering. Per Killebrew's rules, any patient who killed another earned a death sentence, and as Wilson furiously vowed to kill Francis for his crimes, Francis pulled out Wilson's heart. The trauma jump-started Wilson's failed healing factor, restoring him to life and driving him insane. Wilson, self-dubbed Deadpool shot Francis multiple times at point-blank range. In the ensuing chaos, Killebrew, Wilson, and several patient escaped, but Wilson made the same error as Francis, departing before confirming death. Recovered by Weapon X personnel, Francis was eventually rebuilt by Killebrew into a more powerful cyborg form as Ajax.

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    In recent years, Ajax, presumably under his own initiative, recruited over a dozen armored soldiers to kill Weapon X escapees, hoping to eventually locate Deadpool. In Montreal, he killed conjoined Jacques and Steve Soto, now mechanics. Days later, he attacked cyborg Todd Harris, now a lumberjack, who, already aware of Jacques and Steve's death, directed Ajax to mercenary hangout Hellhouse, which Deadpool frequented. After slaying Todd, Ajax visited Hellhouse, whose manager Patch (Bob Stirrat), nursing a grudge against Deadpool, provided his personal file. Ajax learned his quarry had recently been lured to Switzerland by Killebrew, now a recluse. Ajax tortured Killebrew into teleporting Deadpool to their location, then knocked Deadpool off a cliff to seemingly perish in the fall. As Deadpool's healing factor slowly restored him, the ghosts of Ajax's victims, including Worm, appeared, blaming that Deadpool and Ajax's intense mutual hatred and Deadpool's long-ago vow to kill Ajax had bound them to Earth and only Ajax's death would free them. Deadpool led Ajax on a chase, luring him into using his super-speed on ice to send him sliding into ice-cold water. Deadpool snapped Ajax's neck, although this did not gives rest to his victims' ghosts, who realized they were bound to Earth by their own hatred.

    Powers and Abilities

    As the Attending, Ajax possessed enhanced strength (lifting at least one ton), speed, durability and intuitive capacity to better predict opponents' moves. His nerves were altered to make him immune to all but the most excruciating pain levels, although he could be rendered immobile by a remotely activated spinal implant.

    As Ajax, he was even stronger (Class 10 or higher) and faster, enabling him to create "sonic micro booms" by snapping his fingers, rub his hands together so rapidly that they burst into flame, and literally boil an opponent alive via friction heat. He wore titanium-laced body armor with enhanced optical sensors, enabling him to perceive an opponent's skeleton and nervous system. He carried a metal shield with unrevealed properties.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'4"
    • Weight: 200 lbs
    • Eyes: brown
    • Hair: black

    Other Media


    Deadpool (2016)

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    In the Deadpool movie, Ajax is played by actor Ed Skrein and is the prime enemie to Deadpool. Just like his comic-book counterpart, he is extremely strong and fast. In the movie, he is also the doctor that changes Deadpool into his current state.


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