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    Greek hero of the Trojan War.

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    Ajax, son of Telamon and Peribea, king of Salamis, is a legendary hero of Greek mythology. To distinguish him from Ajax, son of Oileus, he was called Ajax the Great, Great Ajax or Ajax Telamon. His name is, according to the mythology, Hercules' nomination, a friend of Telamon, who saw the eagle of Zeus, perched on his shoulder told him: "born of thee, Telamon, son you want and the name of the bird appear to us just call him Ajax. surprise the people in the struggles of Mars ", noted the poet Pindar in Istmias V.

    He was a brave warrior, stronger after his cousin Achilles sailed to the mythical Trojan War commanding twelve ships from Salamis with his brother Teucro. He had one child, Eantides with his wife Brenda, and Eurísaces and Phileo, with her maid Tecmessa. Phileo was traditionally considered the first ancestor of the family of Filaidas Athenian.

    He fought in the war with courage and skill. In Homer's Iliad he is described as a warrior of great stature and colossal force, stubborn and immense shield itself is a bulwark of the phalanges, He was considered second in skill and bravery in battle second only to Achilles. He was injured in any of the battles recounted in the Iliad and he is the only major character in the play who did not receive help from any of the Greek gods. He was the only Homeric hero, who had all his triumphs attributed to himself. Like Achilles, Ajax was trained by the centaur Chiron. Ajax was undoubtedly one of the most important kings in the battlefield, but not as wise as Nestor, Idomeneus or Menesteo, nor as skilled as Diomedes, Odysseus and Palamedes. He commanded his army carrying a large hatchet and a huge shield, always accompanied by Teucer, his brother.

    During the Trojan War, Ajax fought Hector twice. The first was in a match that lasted an entire day without a winner. The second was during a raid of the Trojans in the camp of the Achaeans when they fought in the Greek ships. Ajax nearly killed Hector by throwing a stone larger than the Trojan prince. Both meetings took place when Achilles had left the battlefield due to his anger with Agamemnon and the Greeks were desolate.

    When Patroclus was killed by Hector, the Trojans tried to take over your body and feed it to the dogs, but Ajax fought and managed to protect the body, returning to the Greek camp and his friend Achilles.

    Later, when Achilles dies after being hit by an arrow of Paris, Ajax and Odysseus fight to recover the body of the Greek hero and bury him next to his friend Patroclus. After the funeral both claim Greek heroes Achilles' armor as a reward for their efforts. After a dispute with or perhaps because Agamemnon hated the lineage of Aeacus, Odysseus and Ajax gets angry armor dropped. When he gets up, he was mad with rage and in his delirium confuses a herd of sheep with Achaean leaders, Odysseus and Agamemnon, by killing all the animals. Athena herself had intervened creating confusion and delirium of hero because of the few that is not going to fight any imploring divine protection.

    When Ajax awakens from his folly, see who has dishonored his bloody sword warrior pet and decides to kill himself rather than live in shame and disgrace. It uses four Hector's sword, which he had given as a gift of honor after his first duel.

    After his death came a hyacinth flower in the spot where his blood fell whose petals had marked the first two letters of the name of Ajax (AY) as if they were a sorrow.

    In his name celebrated in Salamina Aiantes parties.


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