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  • Steinway Comics
  • America's Best Comics (no not Alan Moore's ABC of the 90's!)
  • Four Star Publications
  • Excellent Publications Inc.
  • Farrell Comics
  • Four Star Comic Corp.
  • Superior Comics Inc.
  • World Famous Comics Inc.

Here are some of the stable of characters that were originally published by Ajax-Farrell. Ajax-Farrell also published versions of characters that were created by other characters.

Ace Reynolds

Black Cobra (Ajax Farrell version)

Blue Flame

Captain Dash

Captain Flight

Cobra Kid (Ajax Farrell added sidekick)

Deep Sea Dawson


Lone Rider (Eastern Color, Ajax-Farrell)

Mr. Big

Phantom Lady (Ajax Farrell version)

Professor X (Novelty Press, Ajax-Farrell)

Red Rocket

Roch Raymond

Rocketman (Ajax Farrell version)

Rulah, Jungle Goddess (Fox, Ajax Farrell)

Samson (Ajax Farrell version)

Secret Agent 2B-3

Swift Arrow (Spark,Ajax Farrell)

The Flame (Ajax Farrell version)

Torpedo Man

Vooda, Jungle Princess

Wonder Boy (Quality. Ajax Farrell)

Yankee Girl I (Harry A. Chesler, Ajax-Farrell)

Zaan of The Jungle

Many of the characters have separate pages while others do not.


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