Character » Aja appears in 7 issues.

    Aja is one of several young kids who assists with the latest incarnation of the New Warriors.

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    New Warriors

    Aja is a computer expert who has helped Night Thrasher (formerly known as Bandit) with the HeroWatch network, a system for tracking down superhumans similar to the X-Men's Cerebro.

    Before being recruited and rescued by Night Thrasher to work for the New Warriors, Aja was a child in human trafficking, sold as either an illegal adoptive son or as a slave.

    Aja, along with fellow orphans Grace and Kaz, helped build mechanical exoskeletons for Night Thrasher to operate against Machinesmith.

    It is not known where Aja or the other orphans will go now that the New Warriors have disbanded.

    Powers and abilities

    Although he has yet to display any superhuman abilities, Aja is a technological wiz, particularly in the field of computers.


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