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    Airboy is a young and skilled WWII pilot.

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    The son of a skilled pilot, Davy Nelson was raised around planes, and soon showed himself to be an exceptionally skilled pilot in his own right. He was close friends with a Franciscan monk, Brother Francis Martier, who was himself a keen flyer. Martier invented a revolutionary new plane, but died during its testing. The plane was left to Davy, as was a uniform that had allegedly been in Martier's family for over a century. Wearing the costume and flying the plane left to him, Davy became Airboy.  


    Airboy was created by Charles Biro, Dick Wood and Al Camy. He was updated for the Modern Age by Timothy Truman, Chuck Dixon and Stan Woch.  

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age 

    In the Golden Age, Davy was a young boy who fought in the Second World War. The Golden Age also witnessed the introduction of most of his major supporting characters and villains, including Valkyrie, a German pilot and later ally and love interest. Unusually for a comic book character, Davy aged more or less in real time. 

    Modern Age

    In the Modern Age, the role of Airboy is played by David Nelson III, the son of the original Airboy. Many members of his supporting cast were brought forward in time. 

    Major Story Arcs

    World War II 

    Airboy fights as an independent operator on the side of the Allies during the Second World War. During this time he fights numerous supervillains, including Misery, Heap and Valkyrie

    After the War 

    Following the conclusion of the war, Davy spends some time acting as a pilot and mercenary. Eventually he retires to California, where he raises his son, David Nelson III, and runs an aircraft manufacturing company.    

    The New Airboy  

    Davy is assassinated by South American mercenaries, which prompts his son to investigate. His son discovers his father's history as Airboy, as well as locating his plane and costume. The boy takes up the mantle of Airboy and continues his father's tradition of adventuring and crime fighting. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Davy is a very talented pilot, capable of flying most aircraft. He possesses a semi-sentient plane with a revolutionary flapping wing design, referred to affectionately as "Birdie". He is a competent hand-to-hand fighter and capable with some weaponry. In his later years, he became fairly wealthy.

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