Air Hammer

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    Air Hammer is a Maximal Fuzor, meaning his Beast Mode is a combination of two native animals due to a stasis pod malfunction. He is a combination of a hammerhead shark and a hawk.

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    IDW Beast Wars Comics

    Air Hammer was one of the many Protoforms that was aboard the Axalon ship when it left Cybertron. Air Hammer's along with many others were cast into space as the Axalon crash landed on a prehistoric Earth. Air Hammer's pod would remain in space while others (Tigatron, Blackarachnia, Airazor, Inferno, Silverbolt, Quickstrike, and Rampage) would crash land onto Earth and be subject to battles between Optimus Primal and Megatron. Air Hammer did not participate in the main Beast Wars though was reacitavted by Magmatron who was seeking new Predacons to overthrow Cybertron. Magmatron used a remote Predacon Shell Program to activate all the dormant pods, but the Maximal spy Razorbeast used a backup signal to spare most of the pods into becoming Predacons.

    Air Hammer was activated as a Fuzor, taking the combined form of a Hawk and Hammerhead shark and joined with Prowl, Night Glider, Sonar, and Razorbeast to fight Magmatron and his group of Predacons. This group including Air Hammer would meet up with Torca and his own group of Maximals which would turn the tide of the battle and allow the group a power advantage over the Predacons. The plan was to wait out the fighting till Razorbeast was able to get a transwarp signal back to Cybertron.

    When the Predacons under Magmatron grew desperate they launched an attack on Razorbeasts camp. Air Hammer engaged in some aerial dogfights with Lazorbeak. This battle ends in a draw as the groups combine to fight a larger threat. Blendtrons, Heralds of Unicron, had come to appease their master. Air Hammer took on Rartorata (A copy of the Predacon Injector) in the air. Once Razorbeasts leader Lio Convoy arrived with his Pack (Maximal Black Opts) they used their ship to attack Unicrons puppet Shokaract (Copy of the Predacon Rampage). Air Hammer was one of the Survivors of that fight though was around when Megatron returned to Cybertron and presumable had his spark removed during the war.

    Transformers Universe Comics

    Air Hammer serves on the Maximal High Council alongside his former teammates Torca and Bantor.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a Maximal Fuzor Air Hammer has traits from both a Hawk and a Hammerhead Shark. His speed in both air and water is superb and with the eyesight of a hawk Air Hammer is a natural scout. In beast mode he can ram opponents with the hammerhead causing great damage. In robot mode he can still fly like most aeriel transformers his shar jaws make up one fist which gives him a clamp with the power of a shark bite and the other is the tail fin giving Air Hammer a blade making him a deadly hand to hand fighter.


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