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    Team » Air Force appears in 4 issues.

    Air Force was a group of flying/bird-themed individuals brought together by the mysterious Air Command.

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    Air Force is a team of winged operatives that works for an organization called Air Command. The initial members were Killer Shrike, Sparrow and Tanager who would free their fourth member, Cardinal from Riker's Island Maximum Security Prison. The four bird themed mercenaries would follow the energy signature on Turbo's armor to find the rest of the New Warriors. The Air Force would attack Turbo and Nova at Peconic High School during a training exercise. Mike Jeffries was wearing the Turbo armor while Mickey Musashi watched the aerial fight take place. Nova was taken down when he was tripled teamed by Sparrow, Cardinal and Killer Shrike. Mickey came up with a plan so she turned on the underground sprinklers and pulled some cables apart from the generators. Mickey told Mike to fly towards the ground and hit it with a full-force hyperblast while Air Force was close behind. Mike unleashed a full blast and hits the water main under the ground. The geyser of water rushes up and douses the Air Force crew while Mickey throws the electric cable at them. All four members of Air Force are electrocuted and their suits are inoperable. The New Warriors call the cops and the members of Air Force are apprehended. 


    Air Force was created by Fabian Nicieza and Craig Brasfield in 1993 and first appeared in The New Warriors # 35.   

    Story Arcs

    Air Force reappears when Gloria Hancock, the CEO of Hancock Transport Airlines wants the Taylor Foundation to pay for rejecting her petition to use their landing strips in Bosnia-Herzigovina. The aerial terrorist organization known as Air Command employs Air Force to take care of that assignment. The original team is present except for Killer Shrike who was replaced by an operative named Oriole. Air Force targets the Taylor Foundation Board of Directors as they fly towards the former Yugoslav Republic to bring much needed technological aid.  Air Force intercepts the plane and get on board. Dwayne Taylor hides in the cargo bay while everyone else is taken hostage. Taylor manages to take out Tanager and Oriole inside the cargo bay. Taylor would manipulate their armor and use Tanager's command controls in her helmet to override Oriole's systems. Taylor would defeat Sparrow and Cardinal by locking down their armor systems. Taylor gave Cardinal two options: replace the early-detection-scanner that was damaged and take it to the UN troops in Sarajevo or get dropped off from the plane during mid-flight with no control of their suits. Cardinal and the rest of Air Force decide to make a positive difference and help the troops in Sarajevo.   
    Air Force reappears when they try to help the starving refugees in Rwanda by delivering much needed supplies to them. Air Force would get ambushed by the  Soldiers of Misfortune at a Rwandan refugee camp where Oriole and Tanager are killed in battle. Sparrow is captured and would be converted into a soldier for Protocol and Cardinal is severely injured during the assault.

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