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The Final Flight

You know, this is always one of the worst things for me as a comic reader, saying goodbye. I hate doing it, especially when it's on such unpleasant terms. This is now the second Vertigo comic I've had to watch get canceled while I read it...and unfortunately I know there's three more that will be ending in the fall. It certainly isn't a fun realization to see a writer's vision cut short but I am glad at least that the book got the intended ending, just the journey had to be cut down.
But at the same time can I see why these comics get canceled? Yeah, I probably can...Young Liars was too out there for some people with those second and third arcs and may have required too much thought and uncertainty...Air wasn't pulling out the epic cliffhangers that kept you coming back month-to-month...Unknown Soldier forced people to confront a real-life issue...Greek Street had incest just like the myth it was symbolizing...and Madame Xanadu was just a case of being written under the wrong team of executives whose visions conflicted with it. However, I'm not turning this into a rant, we're hear to talk about Air.
What is Air? The truth is I suspect nobody read this was the lowest-selling of the Vertigo titles and the buzz about it seemed to die a year ago at least. Ironically when I got onto the book everyone else was excited and although #1 was fantastic, I started to grow "bored"...and yet here we are, me at #24, everyone else in the dust. I guess at this point I just want to know there was someone else out there reading this.
It was a beautiful story, sure as I said before it didn't have Ennis action or Milligan insanity or Morrison wtf-ness but it was a story...and a good one at that. No, I'm not going to say Air was a favorite and looking back I feel guilty I never spread the love more while it was going but the only flaw I could find in the writing is G. Willow Wilson seems to be a graphic novel writer from what I read here rather then a monthly just like how I see Brian Wood as a one-shot or short arc story teller rather then a monthly. Neither are bad writers, it's just a style of writing and my opinion on it.
And then there was M.K. Perker's art...bloody phenomenal stuff. One of the few Vertigo books where the cover and interior are by the same artist and I feel the covers definitely showcased what great art lies within.
Ironic I find that you hear people talking about how the industry needs more women's comics and the mainstream gives them basically the leftovers with the advertising that it's by women to gain readers whereas here we had a creator-owned comic written by a woman, featuring a woman protagonist and nobody was supporting it. This is what I mean when I say the comic industry does legitimately try to put out books for every's just readers seem to be all talk and no action when it comes to actually reading those niche books.
I know it's too late now to support the title but when the last one comes out in a few months, Air will be a four-trade series to pick-up and I recommend checking it out. Heck if I can't convince you, Neil Gaiman enjoyed the series since the beginning, he's quoted!

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