Character » Aipom appears in 23 issues.

    Aipom is a Normal-type Pokemon. It evolves into Ambipom.

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    They live among the treetops. Their tail can be use as a third arm. Their tail is very powerful. Due to using their tail so often their hands have become clumsy


    Aipom are known to be mischievous. Usually rude and make practical jokes. They are very playful They have a sweet tooth

    Height: 2’7 .8m

    Weight: 25.4lbs 11.5kg

    Dawn's Aipom: She was originally Ash’s at the beginning but before that, she worshiped giant Slaking, along with other Pokémon, not knowing it was a machine made by Team Rocket. She is known for stealing a lot of things as tribute including Ash’s hat. She later returned the stolen berries to Taylor. When Ash complemented her, she followed him in his travel. She began to steal hats including ash’s hat again. After watching May in the Kanto Grand Festival she became thrilled in battling and challenged ash. After being defeated ash caught her. She nearly became king of Fennal Valley when the crown was stuck on her head. She is known for being on ash left shoulder. The opposite shoulder of where Pikachu is on. She even sneaked to be with Ash on his journey to Sinnoh. She insisted Ash to be in a Pokémon contest, and even though she lost at the first round she nearly defeated skilled Coordinator’s Pokémon before the time was up.

    She was later traded for Dawns Buizel when she desired to be in Pokémon contest more. She has attended several contests and helped Dawn a lot. She later evolved in to Ambipom


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