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Kaoru Hanabishi’s is brought up by his grandfather Gen’ichiro Hanabishi, who is also educating him so he can eventually run his late father’s company.

Although grateful to his grandfather, Kaoru never feels quite at home at the Hanabishi house and leaves for his own apartment when his mother dies.

Here he meets the beautiful Aoi Sakuraba, who he had a pre-arranged engagement with when they were younger, they’re families both being of a rich industrial background. She has never forgotten about him and wishes still to marry him. However if Kaoru is to be married to Aoi, he must swallow his pride and walk back to his family. Kaoru thinks that maybe Aoi is a ploy, his family is using, to get him to come back home.

A new tenant moves into the building called Tina, who makes her intentions towards Kaoru quite clear. They are then joined by Kaoru’s childhood friend Mayu, and another girl who fancies Kaoru, Chika. The appearance of all these girls makes Aoi’s head spin and her father decides it's time for her to start seeing other men before marrying Kaoru.

Kaoru’s brother decides to woo Aoi (souly to get his share of her inheritance). Aoi allows this relationship because she is fed up of being suspicious of Kaoru and other women.

Her heart shall always belong to Kaoru and they decide to get married but what is to be done with Kaoru’s evil younger brother and Tina, who is in love with Kaoru?

English translation of the Japanese manga Ai Yori Aoshi.

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