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    Ai Apaec is a Dark version of Spider-Man.

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    Ai Apaec, a.k.a. "The Decapitator" is reportedly known as being prone to torture and bloodletting. He is imprisoned along with several other highly dangerous prisoners at an undisclosed location where Norman Osborn will soon be transferred. He is temporarily blinded for starring and commenting on one of the guards until June Covington, a.k.a. Toxic Doxie begged for their mercy.


    Ai Apaec was created by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Jamie McKelvie and debuted in the Osborn miniseries.

    Major Story Arc

    Osborn: Evil Incarcerated

    For further information: Osborn

    Ai Apaec is imprisoned at a secret underwater prison along with Xirdal, Carl Rives, Pryor Cashman and June Covington. After mocking a guard Ai is flashed with flood lights which temporarily blinds him. An alarm goes off and the guard panics, backing up towards Ai's cell. Ai grabs him and demands he be released, while June insists he release her instead. When the guard chooses to release June (which is turned down anyway) Ai bites his head off. Norman Osborn enters the room and releases them all provided they agree to work with him to escape. As Ai and the other escapees battle through rioting prisoners Osborn notices they are being observed from above and asks Ai to retrieve their watcher. He jumps through the observation deck and grabs Norah Winters who has been investigating the prison. They pile into a sub to escape for the surface but on the way the prison explodes and damages the sub. Ai exits the vessel and coats it in a web which provides oxygen while he pushes it to the surface. After their escape he is seen living in the jungle.

    The New Dark Avengers

    For further information: New Avengers

    Norman Osborn travels to the jungles of Brazil to find Ai Apaec living in the wild. He offers him a chance at a new life and a spot on his New Dark Avengers. Osborn gives Ai a pill which turns him into a six armed Spider-Man. The New Avengers track Osborn and his Dark Avengers to Miami and attack. Luke Cage punches Ai in the face taking him out. Apaec returns to take on Spider-Man who asks him if he has spider-sense as Skaar is tossed into him. The Dark Avengers fall back as Ragnarok arrives to battle the New Avengers.

    In another battle against the New Avengers, Skaar betrays the Dark Avengers and fights against them. Ai reveals his true form and takes on Daredevil and Spider-Man. Spider-Man calls for Captain America's to knock out Ai Apaec before webbing him up and taking him into custody.


    Ai is later recruited along with Toxic Doxie, Skaar, Trickshot and Ragnarok to be on a new Thunderbolts team. They take on Luke Cage, Songbird, and MACH-V as a field test before being sent on a covert mission to Sharzaad.

    The team is sent along with Luke Cage to retrieve a lost agent. Upon arrival they are immediately attacked by an enormous sand monster in the form of Sultan Magus and some Godbeasts. Ai saves Toxic Doxie from one of the monsters. After they defeat the monsters, Toxic Doxie pretends to search for the lost agent and has Ragnarok carry her into the sky to "increase her range". Ai grabs Trickshot and webs onto Ragnarok as the four of them escape.


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