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In the years before the universal Crisis on Infinite Earths, Ahtier of Glazzonio, Green Lantern of Sector 83, was fighting a Coltan Raider ship in space, high above the planet Zymia. Athier seriously wounded when the starship self-destructed. The Green Lantern plummeted in a ball of fire to the planet below. Unfortunately for the injured Lantern, Zymia was a planet known for their strong opposition to the Green Lantern Corps. Ahtier's impending death was made more tragic by the fact that she was pregnant. Upon death, a Lantern's power ring was programmed to locate a worthy successor. The ring was not programmed to consider the fate of the soon-to-be-born child within Ahtier's womb. The ring coldly informed Athier that the child would have to be sacrificed if her life was to be saved. Athier struggled against the ring's programming, fighting the ring's directive to keep her alive until the child was born. Exhausted and near death, Athier cradled her newborn son as the ring set off to find a worthy replacement.

A short distance away, Bynari, a local Zymian, faced her own tragedy. Bynari's husband Brayle had been killed by the falling debris of the exploding Coltan Raider. Despite her intense grief , Ahtier's ring sensed strength within Bynari and selected her as the Green Lantern's successor. The ring transported Bynari to the dying mother, however, Bynari was horrified by the sight of the Green Lantern, blaming her for her husband's death. Despite Bynari's open contempt, Ahtier knew she was dealing with a woman capable of becoming a Green Lantern. Athier informed the Zymian that she was deemed honest and without fear, and invited to take her place in the Green Lantern Corps. Bynari was even more shocked when the dying Lantern made a more personal request, asking her successor to care for her newborn child. Although still reluctant, Bynari was stirred by this dying request and instructed the ring to recount Ahtier's past. Bynari was flooded with images of a universal force; a force dedicated to preventing others from experiencing tragedies like the one she had just endured. Bynari looked at Athier with a new respect and understanding. She vowed to uphold the tenant of the Corps and protect all life, including her predecessor's newborn baby whom she named Brayle, after her late husband.


Ahtier was created by Richard Bruning and Kevin Nowlan in a 1987 "Tales of the Green Lantrern Corps" short story.

Character Evolution

Ahtier appeared years later in a flashback during the Green Lantern's " Secret Origin" story arc. It was revealed that Ahtier received her Corps training in the same class as Hal Jordan, under the instruction of Ke'Haan of Varva. Ahtier received praise from Ke'Haan for her skillful ringwork, but the Drill Sargent questioned Ahtier about her shyness. Ahtier confessed her fear over living up to the enormous responsibility entrusted to her by the Guardians of the Universe. Ke'Haan responded by pointing out Hal Jordan and assuring her that if a human could do it, so could she. Ahtier's insecurities as a rookie contrasted with how strong and confident she was during her original introduction story, implying that Ahtier had grown into a hero during her years of service in the Corps.

Years later, Bynari would betray that vow and serve the criminal empire known as the Black Circle when Brayle's life was threatened. Bynari was killed in battle with the Green Lantern Shilandra Thane, leaving the fate of Athier's child unknown.

Ahtier is memorialized in the Crypts of Oa alongside other fallen members of the Corps.

Major Story Arcs

Ahtier appeared in a flashback during Hal Jordan's "Secret Origin" and as a Black Lantern during the Blackest Night.

Powers And Abilities

As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, she wields a green power ring with all the associated powers and limitations.


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