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    Mayan God of Death.

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    In Mayan mythology is the god and king of Xibalba, the underworld. Described as a skeleton or corpse with a jaguar face (or owl) adorned with bells.

    It is up to fourth place, in the order of their representation, the god of death, which appears 88 times in the three manuscripts. Its a skull head, bare ribs shows projections of the spine, if his body is covered with flesh, it looks swollen and covered with black circles suggesting decomposition.

    Featured Accessories Dress of the god of death are the bells shaped ornaments. These are sometimes tied to their hair or belts that gird the forearms and legs, but more often are pinned to a necklace shaped ruff. These bells of all sizes, made of copper and sometimes gold, were found in considerable quantities during dredging of the Well of Sacrifice at Chichen Itza, it is assumed that in the place where they had been thrown to the sacrifice.

    Ah Puch, the antithesis of Itzamna, is it two hieroglyphics of his name, and, after that, the only deity who is distinguished in this way. The first represents the head of a corpse with eyes closed in death, the second head of the god himself, his nose truncated prefix fleshless jaws and a flint for sacrifices. A sign that is often associated to the god of death is like our percentage sign %. The death god was the patron deity of the day Cimi, which means death in Maya.

    In the case of Ah Puch, we are facing a first-class deity, as evidenced by the frequency of their representations in the codices. As chief of demons, Hunhau reigned on the lowest of the nine underworlds of the Mayan, and even today the modern Maya believe that under the figure of Yum Cimil, the Lord of Death, prowls around the room sick stalking its prey.

    Ah Puch is a malevolent deity. His figure is often associated with the god of war and human sacrifice, and his constant companions are the dog, the Moan bird and an owl, considered ominous creatures and death. It is sometimes called the Lord of the ninth hell or the destroyer of worlds.


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