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Ahmed was presumably born in Kazakhstan (As that was where he operated) and at one point began to work for the KGB and became a border guard.


Ahmed was created by Larry Hama and Mark Texeira for Wolverine #66.

Major Story Arcs

Prophecy/Valley O' Death

Ahmed was one of many soldiers who were spying on Wolverine, suspecting his Russian security identification was fake. He then entered the bus Logan was travelling on and opened fire on him (Which was easier for them as he was hallucinated), leaving him for dead and stealing his clothes.

When flaunting Logan's clothes to women in a nearby village, Ahmed learns that The Hand had placed a bounty of 100 million yen on Wolverine's head. Wanting to claim the reward, Ahmed and the soldiers travel back to the scene of the supposed "murder" but find Wolverine's body to be gone (As he had recovered and left not long before). Believing that someone must have dragged Logan's body away, Ahmed follows the footprints. Ahmed later finds Wolverine and attempts to run him over, but Logan gets into the vehicle and kills Ahmed and the other soldiers.


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