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    A geneticist who in a dystopic future was the creator of the Hound program which captured mutants wherein they were processed and used to hunt down their fellow mutants.

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    When Rory Campbell joined Moira MacTaggert's genetic research team at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center, he discovered that a series of events would lead to a possible reality, a future, where he would become a mutant hunter known as Ahab. Rory decided that his fate was Not set and tried to prevent this horrific prognostication from happening. While the British team known as Excalibur was stationed on Muir Island, they captured the feral mutant Spoor, an Acolyte devoted to Magneto. Rory created a containment cell, which had amongst its security protocols, a laser web activated by bio-sensors that would react to hostile captives, the web successfully contained Spoor. Unfortunately for Rory, Spoor controlled Rory, manipulating the doctor into attacking him using His mutant power of emitting mood-altering pheromones, seeing Rory as the aggressor, the web activated against him, the attack resulted in Rory losing His left leg. Later on, Rory accepted a position of Mutant Liaison and management within the restructured W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organization). Desperate to regain a semblance of normality, to walk again, Rory traded information about the Legacy Virus to Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club for a bionic leg. His broken will left Him susceptible to the manipulations of the all powerful mutant known as Apocalypse. Rory would soon be transformed into the horseman known as Famine and tasked to capture the mutant Sunfire. Sunfire was (unknowingly one of many mutants) collectively called The Twelve, which Famine battled with, but they escaped with Sunfire. Apocalypse along with Famine and the other horsemen were later teleported by Mikhail Rasputin, and it is unknown where they have been sent.

    In the Alternate future that Rory was made privy to, on Muir Island, Rory would indeed become Ahab, who controlled a mutant tracking program. His boast was that His greatest Hound creation was the daughter of Jean and Scott Summers within this reality. Even though she turned her hostility against Ahab and has tried multiple times to escape his grasp, she was always recaptured. During a later confrontation, she concentrated all her will and lashed out at Ahab sending him into a bank of electrical equipment that exploded, crippling Him even further, Ahab was forced to the confines of a hover chair and later due to the benevolence of His Sentinel master, the Hierarchy, was rebuilt to become a cyborg.


    Ahab is a Marvel comics character and first appeared in Fantastic Four Annual #23, released in 1990. His creators were Walt Simonson and Jackson Guice.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ahab is a cybernetic organism (cyborg) possessed of a robotic body, and wields a psionic lance, which causes those struck to feel pain, to be enslaved to his will, or die. Ahab can use his lance much like a harpoon, and can configure and customize his attacks to lock on to a specific individual's brain patterns. Ahab also possesses enhanced levels of strength, speed, and durability. Ahab can use technology to teleport.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height : 6' 1"

    Weight : Campbell: 166 lbs. | Ahab: 222 lbs.

    Eyes : Brown

    Hair : Brown


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