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    The Father of Black Bolt and Maximus and the former king of the Inhumans.

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    About 110 years ago, an Inhuman named Agon was elected to the Genetics Council, and subsequently to leadership over the Inhumans. Agon proved to be one of the most popular rulers since Auran. A skilled geneticist, Agon made significant advances in the prediction of Terrigen effects on the Inhuman gene, and convinced his wife Rynda to subject herself to the Terrigen Mist while pregnant. Their son Blackagar Boltagon, became the most powerful Inhuman in the race's history, surpassing the powers of Randac himself. Agon and Rynda persuaded their brothers and sisters to also subject their children to the mist in utero, and each of their offspring was born with a different superhuman ability or mutation.

    Story Arcs


    Agon was a decisive ruler, and when he caught a Council member named Phaeder experimenting with clones, he persuaded the Council to have him expelled. Phaeder protested that it was anti-scientific to restrict cloning to the perpetuation of the Alpha Primitives, but Agon prevailed. Faking his own suicide with a clone of himself, Phaeder left Attilan and eventually found a genetically-perfect Deviant woman, Morga. As their relationship grew she bore a son. The boy was the first Inhuman hybrid and would grow up to be Maelstrom, and later became a dangerous enemy of Attilan as well as a purveyor of Attilan's most guarded secret, Terrigen Mist.

    About ninety years into Agon's reign, the Kree finally renewed their interest in recruiting the Inhumans for their war effort. Agon's second son, the sinister Maximus, entered into secret negotiations with emissaries of the Kree. When Maximus's brother, Black Bolt discovered the treacherous liaison, he used his quasi-sonic powers to blast the Kree spy-ship out of the sky. The damaged ship fell to the Earth, crashing into the laboratory where Agon and Rynda were working. They were killed instantly. Because Agon was such a popular leader, Black Bolt was elected to the Genetics Council to succeed him, and despite his silent protests was soon crowned the new ruler of Attilan.


    Agon seems to possess an advanced intelligence due to exposure of the Terrigen Mist. He was also a genetic master and a benevolent ruler.


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