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    Agni is the Vedic god of fire

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    Along with the gods Indra and Suria formed the "Vedic trinity", which was later replaced by the Puranic trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

    Agnidev is the son of the goddess Pritiví (Earth) and God Diaus Pitar ('God father'), which is a derivation of an ancient Indo-European word that Europe would become the Greek Zeus, Latin Deus and Iu-piter (Jupiter) -. One of the tasks of Agnidev if being messenger between gods and mortals. protects men and men's homes. On his head has a million eyes.

    In Indian art is represented with two faces -suggesting its beneficial and destructive effects-,black eyes and hair, three legs and seven pairs of arms. From his body emanate seven rays of light (another of his names is Sapta Yijuá, 'seven languages​​'). His vehicle is a goat, or a chariot drawn by goats (or more rarely by parrots).

    Currently in the Hindu temples still used the sacred drill Agni Manthana ('shake fire') to produce fire by friction, which symbolizes the miraculous birth of Agni daily.


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