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    A collective being made of the parts of countless devoured victims of Leviathan, it seeks to destroy the dark god and its Cenobites, as well as free its creators.

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    Aggregate's origin.
    Aggregate's origin.

    Through the ages, countless people were dragged to Hell by Leviathan, but only a select few of them would receive the honor of becoming Cenobites. Those who weren't chosen would instead be fed to Leviathan who would feed on their souls for eternity. In time however, the people trapped in Leviathan were able to find ways to escape Leviathan, if only partially. Together, the parts of these victims would merge together to form the being known as Aggregate, a composite creature spawned by the damned to destroy the dark god Leviathan and his order of Cenobites.


    Aggregate was created by Daniel G. Chichester and Dario Carrasco Jr. - with credit to Clive Barker and his Hellraiser series that the character became part of. It first appeared in 1933's Pinhead #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Devil You Know

    Aggregate's war against Leviathan first became known when its meddling in the past managed to undo the creation of the Cenobites Chatterer, the Female, and Butterball, erasing them from the present. Charged with combating this chaos, Pinhead approached the mad inventor Sinistrari, who was able to send Pinhead's essence through time into previous incarnations of himself to fight Aggregate, who had meanwhile begun rallying the townspeople of Legacy, Colorado in the year 1879 in order to help find the Lament Configuration hidden in the area.

    The Devil You Don't Know

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    With the help of a minister it had corrupted, Aggregate was able to overpower a Puzzle Guardian and steal the Configuration it guarded. Pinhead, his ally Atkins who'd traveled after him, and some of the time period's own Cenobites battled Aggregate, but it proved more dangerous than they'd thought and managed to kill several of the Cenobites. Atkins was about to kill Aggregate, that is until he took the Configuration from it and suddenly began coming undone. The puzzle turned out to be the one that had turned Atkins into a Cenobite in the first place, and his touching it had undone the order of time, making it so that he'd never existed as a Cenobite. Aggregate then took the puzzle and fled to find its next target, but became caught in some railroad tracks. As the train smashed Aggregate to pieces however, it took the puzzle with it and dared Pinhead to follow.

    Speak of the Devil

    Aggregate resurfaced in the year 1728 in Paris, where it had begun to sway a priest into helping find another of the Lament Configurations which had been buried with the priest's predecessor. Both Pinhead and the Cenobite Balberith followed Aggregate to the time period, but Pinhead wound up having to battle with the spirit of his previous incarnation and Balberith proved to be no challenge in a fight with Aggregate. The priest then helped Aggregate find the puzzle, this being the one that had created Balberith and so she became undone like Atkins. Aggregate then departed as Pinhead was still fighting his past self. When Pinhead emerged victorious soon after, he confronted the priest and realized that he'd actually kept a final piece of the puzzle from Aggregate. Pinhead took the piece and followed Aggregate once again.

    The Devil Bides His Day

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    Now in South America in 627 A.D., Aggregate had begun to rally the forces of a Mayan tribe to attack another tribe that had begun worshiping Leviathan. Using knowledge from its many creators, Aggregate had even begun instructing the tribe in innovate new warfare tactics and weaponry. Pinhead had meanwhile taken to this time period's incarnation of him and was followed by the Cenobite, Face, to assist him. When Aggregate came with his army, Pinhead and Face fought bravely, but Pinhead once again wound up being disrupted by his past self's spirit and was left to Aggregate's lack of mercy. Face was luckily able to divert a beam of energy from an intricate Lament Configuration puzzle that had been set up, and used it to destroy Aggregate's body, albeit at the cost of his own life.

    The Devil in Disguise

    Aggregate now came into the Bronze Age, in the city of Ur in ancient Sumer. Here it sought to sway a priestess of Ishtar into aiding its crusade for the Lament Configurations, a priestess who happened to be the lover of this time period's Pinhead. Aggregate managed to sway her by showing its "mastery" over life and death by using a martial arts move to stop a servant's heart, and then resuscitating her with CPR afterwards. Pinhead had at this time begun searching for the Configuration, but was distracted by his past self's feelings for the priestess. Luckily, the Cenobite Gehenna had followed Pinhead and was able to reason with him. Aggregate had now begun unlocking the configuration with the priestess, in this case the invention of iron in the Bronze Age. Pinhead tried to stop Aggregate, but his past self again interfered due to heartbreak over the priestess' betrayal. Gehenna then lunged at the priestess, pushing them both into a furnace, and tore out her heart for interfering with his master's work. Gehenna was unable to survive the flames, but the blood from the priestess managed to temper the furnace's ore into iron, unlocking the puzzle. Pinhead and Aggregate then battled each other with pieces of the iron. Pinhead gained the upper hand, but Aggregate slipped away into another time period before it could receive the finishing blow.

    Give the Devil His Due

    Aggregate's creators yearn for their freedom.
    Aggregate's creators yearn for their freedom.

    Aggregate now came into prehistoric times, where it quickly found Pinhead's neanderthal incarnation and subdued him before Pinhead could overcome the spirit of his past self. Aggregate then set to its true purpose, using the Lament Configurations and knowledge it had acquired throughout time and built a construct from them, a construct that had been long ago designed by one of Leviathan's victims, a construct to destroy Leviathan. Once completed, Aggregate activated it with parts of its composite soul, and the construct began tearing Leviathan out of Hell and into the world of the living, where it could be rendered powerless and destroyed. Leviathan's victims now began flowing out of it and reclaiming the parts of themselves that they'd given to Aggregate. Aggregate became concerned however, as this meant its own existence would be coming to an end. Having gained control of his past self however, Pinhead arrived and used the puzzle piece that he'd acquired from the priest back in Paris, a lens, to set fire to the construct, allowing Leviathan to return back to Hell. Its escaped victims quickly decided they'd rather return to Leviathan rather than face the wrath of Pinhead. Aggregate didn't want to return since it wanted nothing more than to live for itself now, although at the same time it didn't want to be left alone, and so it was left to simply mourn the passing of its creators.

    With Aggregate defeated, Pinhead took back the Lament Configurations and brought back Atkins and Balberith back, although he was uncertain of whether or not Face and Gehenna could be brought back due to their having died rather than having been undone from time. Pinhead then told Aggregate that even though he felt that Aggregate could have become a fine Cenobite, its desire for individuality had no place in their order. Pinhead therefore had Atkins do what he did best and Aggregate was shot to pieces, effectively ending its semblance of life.

    Powers & Abilities

    Aggregate's many selves.
    Aggregate's many selves.

    Through the dimensional nature of Leviathan, its victims are able to partially escape into almost any point in time and have their pieces merge to form Aggregate, essentially allowing it to travel through time. This also makes Aggregate close to immortal, as Leviathan's victims are endless, giving Aggregate access to virtually an infinite amount of replacement body parts for itself. Even when its entire body is destroyed, Aggregate can be recreated at another point in time.

    As a composite being, Aggregate has access to all the varied knowledge and skills of its creators, including historical knowledge, fighting skills, and knowledge of the dark arts. Aggregate's knowledge of history makes it especially dangerous for this being to travel through time.

    Due to being made of so many different people, Aggregate refers to itself as "us" or "we" and its gender is largely ambiguous.


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