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    Team » Agenzia Alfa appears in 288 issues.

    Private Vigilance Agency of The Sergio Bonelli "Nathan Never" comic.

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    The Birth Of the Agency

    In the future of Nathan Never for the uncontrollable proliferation of the crime The Government promulgate the Callaghan Act that marks the birth of the Supervisory Agency, a type of Private Vigilante Corps with the same function and Duty of the normal Public Police.

    The Alfa Agency is founded by Edward Reiser at the time a young entrepreneur.

    He decides to hire individuals with a turbulent story in order to give them an opportunity of redemption with this new job.

    Reiser the Director of
    Reiser the Director of "Agenzia Alfa"

    The First Agents to be recruited are Nathan Never and Legs Weaver:

    Nathan Never is an ex-cop, at the time retired to a shaolin Monastery in the orbital station of Terpsichore.

    Reiser tell him that is lost daughter Ann is found and she become autistic .

    Ann temporarily resides in a private Hospital the " Sinclair Asylum".

    Reiser offers him to become an agent of his agency in order to pay the expensive institute "SInclair" for Ann.

    Legs Weaver is an ex-convict accused to kill her husband.

    The agent in the Alfa Agency are Classified in different category the "A" category contains the most skillful agents are part of this Category:

    Nathan Never, Legs Weaver, Jack O'Ryan secret son of Aristotele Skotos; the Frayn Sister ex famous thief etc..

    Other member of the agency are "Link" an advanced android deprived of the three famous laws of robotic that allowed him to have a real human personality and in the end another important member is the cynical and Brutal Andy Havilland.

    A Summary Of the Alfa Agency Story

    The "Alfa" Building

    The Base of the "Alfa Agency" is located in the last floor of the Alfa Building.

    The services offered by the Alfa Agency are very expensive, then directed to a certain type of customers.

    In the "Nathan Never" series the "Alfa Agency" organizations is constantly changing.

    During the series the Alfa Agent discover that Reiser in the initial foundation of the agency was financially supported by a paramilitary division leaded by Mr. Alfa. All the scientific discoveries found during the various mission were made available to this paramilitary organization, that used them with not respect for ethics and morality.

    The Alfa Agents learned that fight Mr. Alfa and is organization at the end of the battle director Reiser is given for dead.

    Reiser is replaced by Solomon Darver nominated by the Security Council that intends to use the Agency like a military corps at is service.


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