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Approach With Caution

The Story: 

Agents Of Atlas attempt to commandeer Cerebra to locate Venus resulting in a conflict with the X-Men. An unknown force appears causing the Agents Of Atlas to seek help from the Avengers.  

My Thoughts:

This hardcover edition collects the two mini-series Agents Of Atlas Vs. X-Men and Agents Of Atlas Vs. Avengers. It's written by Jeff Parker who was the series writer for the main Agents Of Atlas series as well. I wasn't impressed with his work on that series and these two short mini-series did nothing to improve my opinion of him. This is by no means a horrible comic but it's a mini-series with pretty much no real purpose. It relies on action and nothing else. No elaborate story or character development is provided. Parker doesn't make you care about these characters in the story at all.  

The art is by a variety of different artists so we get a few different styles. I enjoyed the art a lot and the only time I didn't like it much was when they were back in time during the X-Men part. I understand why the art was like that though. It gave off the retro vibe it needed but I feel as if they did a better job doing that during the part with the Avengers. The variant gallery at the end provides some nice covers, some of which were better than the originals that were used. 

I would really only recommend this if you're a big Agents Of Atlas fan. If not then there's really no reason to read this. Nothing extravagant happens that you'll need to know about in terms of continuity. This was basically a pointless mini-series with the sole purpose of trying to make money.  

Rating: 2.5/5

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