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    After being caught in an explosion along with Black Swan and Deadpool, Nijo Minamiyori awoke with no memory his past and his indescribable desire to become the #1 mercenary of the world. To pursue this goal, he became Agent-X.

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    Not much is known about Nijo Minamiyori past except that he was an assassin, mercenary, and agent employed by the Black Swan. He blamed Deadpool for his brother's death. The Black Swan targeted Deadpool because he took credit for the swans assassination of the four winds. Both Black Swan and Nijo located Deadpool and got into a fight with him. However during this time, Nijo's employer Black Swan grew tired of Nijo, and stabbed him in an attempt to kill him. At the same time, a bomb Deadpool had brought to the fight went off, and all were presumed dead.


    Agent-X was created by Alvin lee and Gail Simone and first appeared (as Nijo Minamiyori) in Deadpool Vol.1 issue 65 (2002) and as Agent-X in Agent X issue 1 (2002).

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming a Merc

    Agent X meets Taskmaster
    Agent X meets Taskmaster

    Both Deadpool and Nijo Minamiyori where presumed dead. It was however then that a man named Alex Hayden emerged from Sandi's basement. He was found by Sandi, and he remembered her of Wade Wilson aka. Deadpool. He took the name as a combination of composers he liked: Alexander Grieg and Josef Haydn. Sandi convinced Taskmaster to help him train as a mercenary even though Taskmaster showed to seriously dislike Alex. After rigorous training and several hours of healing and recuperation, Sandi opted to find another trainer for Alex to speed up the process of becoming a mercenary.

    They proceeded to call Outlaw. In his training with her, she noticed that Alex had sharper aim than Deadpool as well as being equally proficient with both hands contrary to Deadpool. Days passed, his training with Taskmaster was being unsuccessful due to Taskmaster aiming to harm him rather than train him properly, until Alex mysteriously awoke skills and dexterity he didn't know he had. After this, Alex was ready to go find possible "assignments" ultimately meeting with Paul Steinen.

    In an attempt to get rid of Alex by Taskmaster, Alex and Outlaw were assigned to retrieve the Punishers custom-twin pistols. They failed and were locked up in a phone booth minus their weapons and clothes by Frank castle himself. His assistant Sandi had to come get them.

    Truth and Dare

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    Alex, Taskmaster and Sandi returned to his apartment to find Black Swan and Deadpool waiting. It turned out that all three had partially merged during the explosion. Black Swan psionically acquired Deadpool's healing factor but accidentally made contact with Nijo.

    Outlaw returned in time to help fight the Black Swan, who had now absorbed both Alex and Deadpool's powers to augment himself. After Deadpool pinned Swan under a car, Alex ignited it. Alex then reversed Black Swan's absorption, but also gave him the memories of being stabbed to death. The group then repeatedly shot the Black Swan to make sure he was dead. After the whole ordeal, the group had Black Swan's body stuffed and mounted, it was then carried around by each couple (Taskmaster and Sandi, Alex and Inez) as a prop while they went on vacation.

    Alex had another confrontation with Deadpool. He was upset with Deadpool for stealing his pancreas. Unable to do much damage to each other due to their healing factors, they reconciliation after Deadpool agreed to hand Alex his pancreas back.

    Fatt Agent-X

    Agent X eventually returned to his former posture
    Agent X eventually returned to his former posture

    Agent-X went on a mission to Hydra's base to destroy a machine they were working on, but the machine was turned on him in the fight. The machine re-wrote his genetic make-up to give him arthritis and a chronic eating disorder. Because the arthritis was now part of his genetic make-up, his healing factor couldn't cure it.

    Agent-X was saved a few weeks later by Deadpool, who used H.Y.D.R.A.'s machine to cure Agent-X. However, he gained over 300 pounds during that time frame due to the eating disorder and asked Deadpool to take over his assignments at Agency-X until he is able to lose the weight. Which he is yet to do. In fact since his capture with Hydra he has only lost 3 pounds. His amazing results are thanks to Jenny Craig.


    Alex throwing a tiger off a subway line
    Alex throwing a tiger off a subway line

    As an accident of the fusion of multiple personas, Alex is proficient in virtually every type of weaponry as well as being an exceptional marksman, abilities he gained from Black Swan. He also has a very high degree of healing factor, very close to Deadpool's which allows him to grow limbs and survive indefinitely without vital organs as well as providing him indefinite longevity, obviously, gained from Deadpool's part.

    He has shown a degree of telepathy while being able to protect his mind from mind reading as well as being highly unpredictable in combat just like Deadpool as proven by Taskmaster when he was unable to copy Alex's movements nor predict him.

    He's shown a high degree of human dexterity and agility as well as super human strength and durability when he threw a full grown tiger (between 369-570 lbs) with 1 hand as well as taking several killing blows, explosions, stabs and other lethal damage and keep moving forward.


    • Height : 6'0"
    • Weight : 215 lbs
    • Eyes : Brown
    • Hair : None

    Visually, he's a muscular bald man with an X scar on his face. He uses a large coat where he keeps most of his weaponry (previously used by Sandi's boyfriend).


    Within Agent-X regular gear, he carries the following weapons:

    • Several Handguns
    • Knives
    • Hand Grenades
    • A Katana

    Although sometimes he's pictured with assault rifles and other artillery.


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