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    Agent David Sum is a high-ranked S.H.I.E.L.D. officer and member of Ms. Marvel's Lightning Storm who possesses a powerful healing factor.

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    Agent David Sum was born Hui Lin in the year 1320. In January 1368 he helped Zhu Yuanzhang run Kublai Khan out of China. Because of his extreme longevity he has lived to this day and has become a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and member of Ms. Marvel's strike team, Operation: Lighting Storm

    Operation Lightning Storm

    Ms. Marvel proposed the idea of an strike team to Tony Stark to quell villains before they increased to a bigger issue the Avengers had to deal with. Ms. Marvel personally picked David Sum from the SHIELD roster. When Ms. Marvel took interest in Sum she had to probe him to figure out his expertise, while it remained vague to the rest of the strike team.

    His first combat mission was taking down A.I.M., Monica Rappaccini and M.O.D.O.K. with Ms. Marvel and the the squad. Despite his teammate, Agent Locke's injury and medical leave, Agent Sum told Ms. Marvel he wanted to stay. The A.I.M. mission was the first time the squad, including Ms. Marvel grew suspicious of his enhanced abilities.

    Agent Sum' second mission was in Puerto Maravilla, Chile in pursuit of Puppet Master with Lightning Force, added the new members Machine Man and Sleepwalker (Rick Sheridan). Sleepwalker, Machine Man and Agent Sum scoped Downtown Puerto Maravilla. A mind controlled Arana spotted Agent Sum while fetching groceries and attacked the trio in a bar. The trio took Arana back to Puppet Master's seaside estate as Ms. Marvel was being attacked by another puppeteered hero, Stature. While Ms. Marvel duked it out with Stature, Agent Sum fought Tigra and Silverclaw on the front lawn with Machine Man and Sleepwalker. At the closing of the mission it's suggested Agent Sum wanted to share his healing secret with Ms. Marvel.

    After completing the mission and returning to Helicarrier 9 an unknown object crashes into the airship. Agent Sum rushes to Ms. Marvel's room realizing her room was the targeted impact. He arrives as Ms. Marvel is mid-battle with the sentient alien Cru, who she carries history with. Cru quickly dismisses Agent Sum from the fight disintegrating the flesh from his bones with one energy blast. Soon enough Agnet Sum emerges in the flesh with most of his uniform burned off, similar to how Wonder Man saw him at the A.I.M. base. Machine Man is the first to discover his miraculous recovery also maimed from a Cru attack. He learns from Machine Man that Cru had taken Ms. Marvel as they retreat to Machine Man's quarters for his back-up "L.M.D.", Life Model Decoy.

    After regrouping, Agent Sum, Man Machine and the unexpected guest, Arana and Wonder Man, mediate on a plan to locate Ms. Marvel. Agent Sum deals with the stubborn Arana on her teenage responsibilities and she concocts an alien contaminate excuse to stay on the helicarrier. This excuse gives Agent Sum the idea to trace Ms. Marvel through Cru's unique alien energy signature. Sum's theory works and they trace her location to Monster Island situated in the Bermuda triangle.

    Skills & Abilities

    Agent Sum is a trained SHIELD member


    Unexplained and very effective healing powers.


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