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When he first met Bruce Banner, this ruthless operative was posing as an FBI agent. In truth he belonged to the sinister, clandestine organization Home Base. After forcing Banner to change into the Hulk, Pratt obtained a sample of his blood, but a police officer snatched it and, plunging it into Pratt's own bloodstream, caused him to explode. Pratt's H Section Programming enabled his body to regenerate itself, and he soon returned to taunt Banner again. This time the Hulk emerged to tear Pratt's body apart.

Pratt has a thing for the poet Coleridge and his works. He often quotes the writer and tries to interrupt his poetry.

Major Story Arcs

Boiling Point

When Agent Pratt arrived in Miser, Colorado he was close on the trail of Bruce Banner, but Banner was being held hostage in a convenience store robbery gone bad. Sally Riker was the ranking officer on the scene but Pratt used his "FBI clearance" to take over. He quickly took Riker off the case and spoke to Banner directly over the phone line that Riker had set-up.

Pratt then set his expert sniper Sid up, with directions to shoot to wound Banner the first chance he got. Meanwhile Riker, trying to atone for past mistakes, asks Pratt to send her in to negotiate face to face with the gunman. Pratt feels like he can use her and sends her in to exchange herself for Banner. Unknown to Riker, Pratt hides a bug on her, so that he can listen outside.

While Riker is inside, Pratt learns that Banner has no intention of coming out to them and that Riker has called other police to come to her aide. Pratt orders Sid to shoot the Gunman and Riker in hopes that Banner will hulk out.

This plan works and Pratt soon finds himself face to face with the Hulk. Pratt is prepared for this and shoots the Hulk with a tranquil dart that knocks him out and reverts him back to Banner. The dart also takes some of the Hulks blood that Home Base wants for testing. Pratt then loads Banner into his car to take to Home Base.

On the way back to Home Base, Banner is shot by Riker, who is fallowing the two. Banner goes Hulk and wrecks the car Pratt is driving. In the confusion Pratt gets stabbed with the vial of Hulk blood and appears to change into a Hulk before exploding.

Transfer of Power

Agent Pratt is alive again and has gone rogue from the Home Base team, and is tracking down Banner, not bring him in but to get revenge for what he has done to him. Since Banner and Riker injected him with Hulk blood Agent Pratt has possessed great strength but it waning.

Pratt tracks Banner down to the Clarksville City Hospital where Pratt kills the nurse and guard to get to Banner. Pratt then takes Banner out of the hospital at gun point. Along the way Pratt hears something that piques his interest and the two go to the morgue, to see the body of a woman Banner supposedly killed.

There Pratt is ambushed by some police but he easily shoots them, it isn't until Sandra Verdugo arrives that Pratt is over powered. Sandra leaves with Banner and Pratt gives chase. He catches up to them and has them surrounds by Home Base operatives, who Pratt later poisons, so that he can battle the Hulk one on one.

When Banner finally changes into the Hulk. he beats Pratt to a pulp and tears him to pieces. Sandra later buries the piece all over the country side.


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