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    Character » Agent Orange appears in 23 issues.

    Agent Orange is a physically enhanced agent of the FBI.

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    Agent Orange is a super powered killing machine created by the FBI. Instead of blood, Agent Orange has a substance called dioxin flowing through his veins. Dioxin is a chemical substance that normally causes a wide range of organ and metabolic dysfunctions, but not in Agent Orange. He thrives on it and it makes him super strong, extremely durable, faster than a speeding vehicle, and able to heal from wounds that would kill a normal man. The only weapons he uses are two handguns, but he's also a skilled fighter. He doesn't speak but he knows how to kill people, and he's good at it. In issues 20 and 21 of WildC.A.T.S volume 2, he was ordered to kill Maul. He fought Grifter and almost beat him to death but Maul stopped him by activating a self-destruct device that was put into him by the FBI. He was believed to be dead after this, but a year later he was found to be alive. Spartan took him and reprogrammed his mind so Orange would work for him.


    Superhuman Strength- orange has enhanced levels of strength greater than the finest athlete, great enough to warp and break steel apart with his bear hands, man handle a full grown adult be them male or female and could easily rupture bone and sinew with but a couple of blows.

    Superhuman Speed- He's fast enough to catch opponents off guard in battle or able to keep up with moving vehicles for a short period of time.

    Nigh-Invulnerability- able to take several gunshots from light or heavy artillery to his frame with little to no injury as well as have a grenade explode in his face and walk away from it just barely singed. He can even survive falls from great heights while landing on steel reinforced transportation without so much as breaking bones or rending ligaments.

    Healing Factor- Orange also sports a light healing factor that allows him to recover from moderate to fatal injuries in a matter of hours.

    He's also very robotic in his nature, he lacks much of a personality but Agent Orange is a devout soldier who follows orders when told to the letter with little to even no regard for his own well being. At most the only expressions he ever shows are only becoming mildly annoyed when following through with a task. Due to his Impressionable state of mind he can be programmed and reprogrammed with all kinds of instructions and commands.


    Orange is an accomplished F.B.I Agent; liked even by his superiors despite his eerie solemn nature. As F.B.I he's also A well learned CQC (closed quarters combat) specialist who can go toe to toe with even the most deadly of adversaries, namely those of the Coda sisterhood of Assassins. Not to mention he's a crack shot not unlike the Grifter, with is two heavyset Twin Colt Revolvers.


    Agent orange had a fail safe trigger within his homing brain-chip implant that would deliver a special signal to shut him down if he ever became a threat to his superiors, initially it would send a potent neuro-shock to his system that he had a less than .01% chance of surviving in the past.


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