Agent of Fortune

    Character » Agent of Fortune appears in 4 issues.

    Member of a cult dedicated to the rebirth of an ancient demon race on Earth, led by Vera Gemini.

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    Agent of Fortune was created by David Anthony Kraft and Ed Hannigan in 1978 and first appeared in The Defenders # 58.

    Character History

    The Agent of Fortune was a rank within the cult of the Harvesters of Eyes. This was a high rank, but below that of Reaper of Souls, which was held by Devil-Slayer. The Agent was ambitious and wanted to be a Reaper, and had to kill Devil-Slayer to get his rank.

    The Agent was very effective. He managed to invade Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, evading all its spells and wards, using his Shadow Cloak. Taking Strange by surprise, he then defeated him in combat, shrugging off spells like the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak using his Cloak. He then stole the Eye of Agamotto and brought it back to the cult. They used it to bring about Xenogenesis, which brought demons to invade the Earth.

    The Defenders, including Devil-Slayer, tried to stop the demons, and the Agent got his chance to fight Devil-Slayer. They fought for a long time but the Agent did not manage to kill him. The Defenders eventually defeated the cult and sent the demons back to their dimension.

    Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

    The Agent of Fortune was a very skilled combatant, capable of fighting Devil-Slayer for an extended period.

    He possessed a Shadow Cloak, which was given to him by the cult. He could mentally control the shape and movement of the cloak, enabling him to tangle people in its strands. He could also use it to send people to another dimension. He was also able to reach into the cloak and pull out an endless supply of weapons, such as swords or tridents. The cloak also provided some level of protection against spells.


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