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Ben Lockwood was a member of a C.I.A. anti-terrorist group until a mission went wrong. He ended up stranded in hostile territory for several months. When he returned to America, his former bureau chief recommended that he join a team of patriots called the "Sons of Liberty". There, he became known as Agent Liberty, and was given access to high-tech weaponry and a helicopter team to cover him on high-risk missions. On one of his first missions, he took down some Intergang members with Superman.

Story Arc

Ben quit the Sons of Liberty when he was ordered to assassinate Senator Pete Ross. He refused, killed his former mentor and sent classified information to Clark Kent of the Daily Planet, uncovering the conspiracy. He then began a new life under cover.

Ben was living in Houston and working as a gymnastics coach. A talented trainer, he was noticed by The Question who recommended him to the Justice League of America.

Killed in the line of duty
Killed in the line of duty

Some time later, Agent Liberty is seen in Cadmus. He overhears General Lane and Lex Luthor talking about ways they might bring about war with New Krypton. Before he can act on this information, Agent Liberty is discovered by Superwoman who quickly kills him with a surgical heat vision lobotomy.

A new Agent Liberty was later seen as the bodyguard of President Suarez.

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