Agent Donald Fite

    Character » Agent Donald Fite appears in 33 issues.

    Agent Fite is one half of the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad's duo of Fite 'n Maad. He is also the father of Empress, a member of Young Justice.

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    Donald Fite along with his partner Ishido hounded the team Young Justice during its early days. Eventually Donald introduced his daughter Anita (Empress) to the team and it was later revealed he did this because he knew she was Empress. He encouraged the friendship between Anita and the team and was glad that she was helping others. He was killed by Baron Agua Sin Gaaz while on a mission with Ishido in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was left tied up in a cabin after being beaten by Baron's Antibodies which exploded. Secret said he was dead before the explosion and when Anita reached him she said he wasn't breathing, so he was most likely dead because Secret would be able to know being a warder. Anita  along with Robin, Slo-Bo and The Ray went into Secret to try and save him, but he said it was his time and he had to go on. Through Baron Sin Gaaz's experiments of turning people back into babies and going through life again, Donald was able to come back as a baby along with his wife when their soul's escaped out of Secret. Anita then began to care for him and her mother.      


    Agent Fite's name (as well as his partner's) are a deliberate pun on writer Peter David's part of the phrase, "Fighting Mad."

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