Agent Brian Rinehart

    Character » Agent Brian Rinehart appears in 7 issues.

    Agent Brian Rinehart works for the Commission on Superhuman Activities, who is secretly a mutant.

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    Brief History

    Agent Rinehart worked for the Comission on Superhuman Activities and was assigned to investigate the strange attacks on a school witch ultimately led him to Juston Seyfort and his Sentinel robot. While investigating Juston's role in the attacks, and the seeming helpfull hand the robot had given normal humans after that, Juston's Sentinel re-activated his mutant hunting program. It then turned out that Rinehart himself was a mutant too. The robot attacked him and Juston and, while protecting Juston, Brian Rinehart managed to defeat the Sentinel. Only not before he himself was hit by one of it's rays. Most information sugested that agent Rinehart died there, although Juston mentioned to another agent of the Comission on Superhuman Activities that Rinehart was just in a coma. Witch of these is true remains to be seen.

    Powers and Abilities

    Brian Rinehart possessed the mutant ability to channel energy from his hands, allowing him to fire off destructive blasts, as well as form defensive shields. He also had access to a battlesuit provided by the CSA which allowed him to fly. While wearing this suit, he could hide his mutant nature by making it seem like it was his suit that possessed the energy abilities.


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