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A Not So Good Beginning

 I have never been a great X-Men fan. I liked their cartoons but this is about it. So I decided to read this, a story not connected to the rest of the X-Men storylines currently running in other titles. This is what I thought about it:


 Not many things happen in this issue. We are mainly introduced with the X-Men of these reality and find out the story behind some of these. We find out how Fortress X was created and how these mutants were forced to go there in order to protect themselves from the humans.  We see many familiar faces there and I like seeing how differenty things turned out for them in this reality even though we don't learn so much yet.


Art wise, I can't say I was satisfied with the results and fact that there were multiple artists working in this issue could be confusing sometimes. My favorite art in this issue was in the part with Cannonball and Husk, drawn by Carlos Barberi. The art in all the other parts seemed flat and uninteresting to me personally and I would like for it to be better.


I wasn't satisfied with this issue as it could have been a lot better and even though it is only the first issue of the Age of X, I hope that the rest will be better.

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