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What's Going On Here?

Get ready for the next mini-event in the X-Universe. If you're not sure what it's about, you're not supposed to. Just get ready for some alternate versions of your favorite X-characters. 

The Good 

Seeing alternate versions of familiar characters can be a fun read. You never know what you'll get and the writers have more freedom to take existing characters and turn them on their side. They can make familiar characters do things they would never do in their regular universe.  
As we prepare for the beginning for Age of X, this book serves to give some back up stories on a few of the characters. This isn't Age of Apocalypse. We're getting a bunch of new versions of characters that we haven't seen before. 

The Bad 

This isn't Age of Apocalypse. With that being the case, what is this supposed to be? There is no explanation. You begin reading and wonder what is going on. It turns out, we're not supposed to know right away. We're just supposed to jump in and enjoy the ride. I can understand that but I sort of enjoy knowing the purpose of an event or story. The backstories given here didn't really pull me into this world. I don't know where these versions came from and I'm faced with the decision if what little I've seen is enough to compell me to read more. Having the art style change for each flashback is something that always bothers me. Being that this event will continue through X-Men Legacy and New Mutants, this could either be a good or bad thing. 

The Verdict 

I was excited to see what this issue would have but I was a little disappointed. We don't know the reason for this alternate reality or where it fits in and we're not supposed to. We are exposed to some of the back stories on different characters but they weren't quite enough to get me overly excited to see where the rest of the story goes. Whenever a big issue contains different artists in one story, I can't help but cringe a little. I can dig seeing different versions of familiar characters and there is that sense of mystery since we don't know why we're seeing these versions. I would have liked to know why we're seeing these versions.

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