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The Heroic Age continues in this next set of star-studded stories told in the Mighty Marvel Manner! In a special YOUNG ALLIES prelude story, Greg Willis makes the Wisconsin-to-Manhattan trek once more--but will he be leaving GRAVITY behind this time? Spider-Man encounters the new super hero in town...Norman Osborn's AMERICAN SON?! But the man wearing the armor is the last guy Spidey expects! In the Age of Heroes, the YOUNG MASTERS must decide whose side they're on and, with the Dark Reign lifted, THE GAUNTLET soldiers on--all the way to Afghanistan.

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Review: Age of Heroes #2 0

Another variety of stories showing the effect the Heroic Age is having on individual characters like Gravity, Harry Osborn, the Young Masters and the Gauntlet.  The Good The short featuring Gravity was probably the best of the bunch, although I'm not entirely sure where it fits in the current timetable. Gravity squares off against the Radioactive Man's illegitimate son, Warhead for the first time and the end promises a continuation in the...

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So Where's the Action?: Age of Heroes #2 0

So basically Marvel is taking all the characters they pretty much forgot about and putting them in one book.The problem is they are only giving them a few pages an issue.If you like any of these characters don't bother buying this book.You get intrigued by the cover and then you read it and nothing happens.When I say nothing I mean nothing.If you don't read this book you will have missed almost nothing in relation to the storyline of these characters.This book pretty much says..."Hey this is whe...

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