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Who's on the X-Men in this team? BTW wasn't Cyclops a soldier of Mr. Sinister & Apocalypse in AoA so why is he now on the X-Men?
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During the Age of Apocalypse Sinister disappeared leaving Cyclops in charge.  However, Cyclops had secretly been aiding the Dark Beast's test subjects to escape.  Havok always suspected his brother's activities, and managed to catch him.  Cyclops found Jean Grey and the two managed to destroy Dark Beast's facilities, defeat the psychic brains that held the feral mutants docile and turned against the forces of Apocalypse.


Factor X was written at a time when Cyclops was still the all-mighty boy-scout who was married to his childhood sweetheart instead of the dark broding leading of mutantkind.  Therefore his portrayal in the AoA was also that of someone who was destined to fall in love with Jean Grey & eventually turn against evil to asume his rightful place as an X-Man.

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