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How great would it be to make an Age of Apocalypse Animated movie series or an Animated TV Show? They would never really make it live action (it's a hard concept when movies have to dumb down so much for audiences now) so a great possibility would be a series or a movie. If they did a movie, I think they should split it up into a trilogy (Kinda like the Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2) and they could even do tiny mini stories about characters backgrounds in the special features. I'd like an animated show better but then they may run out of material from the comics and need to improvise which doesn't always turn out great. What do you guys think?

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well I thInk wolverIne and the xmen were goIng to do that for season 2 before It was cancelled. but I thInk a serIes would be good lIke season 1 coulde be appocalypse, season 2 could be age of ultron anf maybe 3 could be marvel zombIes maybe. Id watch It

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