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A follower of Apocalypse has infiltrated the X-villain’s archives. This is your peek into the mutants of the Age of Apocalypse, those who are allies of En Sabah Nur…and those who are freedom fighters for a peaceful tomorrow. A great introduction to the X-Men of the dystopian future!

Looking through the eyes of one of the Madri, we are able to see the secret files of Apocalypse, revealing who he has deemed "chosen" or "forgotten" in his new world of survival of the fittest.

The Chosen included Rogue, Magneto, Cyclops, Sinister, Storm, Quicksilver, the Horsemen, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Colossus, Angel, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Bishop, and the Madri.

The Forgotten included X-Man, Havok, Aurora, Northstar, Beast, Gambit, Lila Cheney, Jubilee, Sunspot, Guido, and Charles Xavier.

Unfortunately for the Madri, though, Apocalypse discovers him looking at the files; after firing a blast and killing the Madri priest, Apocalypse changes the Madri to "forgotten".


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