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Age of Apocalypse 2

Age of Apocalypse 2


The Exterminated have stumbled themselves, facing a familiar mutant who was supposed to be long dead. Meanwhile, Jean Grey struggles to use her lost powers and decides to undergo some training.

The Good

Wow! What a quite action-packed issue this was. Who would ever thought the dead mutants can be brought back to life. If you were wondering how the alternate Cyclops came back from the dead as last seen in the end of the first issue, then you'll find out the reason in the end of this issue. This is interesting and makes you wonder whether not these dead, familiar mutants will recall their former lives or still serve under Weapon Omega's control. The art looks nice, classic, and pretty detailed as the first issue.

The Bad

Speaking of art, it can look a bit clunky sometimes. I might not have mentioned it in my review of the first issue. But I got to admit you can't even tell whether you're looking at some scribbled painting on the wall. The other thing is that the new readers may not be familiar with the Age of Apocalypse storyline or timeline since everything happened that lead up to this point in the story.

The Verdict

Overall, this issue was pretty good. If you haven't read the first issue, I suggest you should read it before the second issue. If you haven't read the AoA storyline before, give yourself either a Marvel handbook, detailing the events of the storyline or read the 2005 miniseries. This issue is definitely a must-read for any X-Men fans out there. I give this issue four optic blasts out of five.

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