Agatha Heterodyne

    Character » Agatha Heterodyne appears in 26 issues.

    Heir to the Heterodyne Family, a long line of powerful, and often insane, mad scientists, Agatha Heterodyne struggles to claim her heritage and discover her identity. Caught between all the powers of Europa, old and new, royal and tyrannical, she must use her prodigious gifts to shape her world.

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    Agatha Heterodyne is the protagonist in the Girl Genius series, produced by Airship Entertainment. She is a powerful 'Spark', a type of Mad Science genius that is specific to the Girl Genius series. Currently, Agatha is trying to claim her birthright as a Heterodyne by restoring an re-awakening Castle Heterodyne (a semi-sentient, very intelligent & mildly sarcastic castle that was created by Agatha's ancestors).

    Popular Recognition

    Agatha Heterodyne was ranked 51st in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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